Ok saw the Maryland Uniforms, time for a poll

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Who has the ugliest uniforms this week?

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  1. Boise St

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  2. Georgia

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  3. Maryland

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  4. Oregon

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  1. alblancher

    alblancher Group Lead OTBS Member

    Ok,  I just have to ask.  Who is designing these things?  Vote for the worst uniforms on National TV this week
  2. bmudd14474

    bmudd14474 Guest

    I kinda like them. They are Unique.
  3. alblancher

    alblancher Group Lead OTBS Member

    Unique is an understatement Brian! 
  4. roller

    roller SMF Premier Member

    LSU 1 and 0...
  5. I fricken love those uniforms. Very unique and AWESOME! I know I am in the minority just from watching ESPN but I like them.
  6. bmudd14474

    bmudd14474 Guest

    Me too Ross. Being from MD I really like them.
  7. alblancher

    alblancher Group Lead OTBS Member

    They looked like something that would be painted on a World War 1 battleship to confuse the enemy.  HeHe 
  8. I thought they were cool. But the fact of the matter is that I think it's all a marketing thing, and not so much for the Terps as it is for Under Armor, a Maryland company that has it's logo rather prominently emblazoned about eight times on every one of the four different version uniforms that they will be wearing this season. You can bet they came up with the idea and payed for or at least heavily "subsidized" the uniforms. They are different to catch your attention and to brand UA.

    Then again I'm pretty jaded about big-time college sports. That is when I'm not enjoying watching it :)

    Great article on what the lengths that the NCAA has gone to to preserve the "amateur" status of the athletes that make billions and billions of dollars for colleges and universities across the country:

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  9. I thought I was watching a football team from mid evil times, they look like flags or banners from that era.  Not sure that I cared for them all that much, but to each his own.
  10. bcfishman

    bcfishman SMF Premier Member

    Colin Cowherd had a great comment regarding the uniforms.

    He said that the younger generation seemed to like the uniforms and that they gain attention for the program. Oregon built their team based on uniforms.

    He said" Look at Notre Dame and Penn State, they haven't changed their uniforms in 100 years and look where they're at... they're garbage."

    "Oregon, they change their uniforms at half-time"

    Just sayin...
  11. To me it looks like a England football uniform .GOOAALLLLLLLLL.Yes i'm a hillbilly who don't know how to spell socer at least right now[​IMG].If you haven't seen them

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