OK, now I'm on the quest for a Manually Operated Jerky Slicer.

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  1. shortend

    shortend Meat Mopper

    There are 2 types of these slicers that I'm looking at. One is on Cabelas website. SS blade assembly w/ fairly wide base pedestal. Priced at $149, but is on back order for 6-7 weeks.

    Checked online and found another with a wide base. Not Cabelas, and I don't recall brand. Looks similar though. $167. Another brand I found is a Weston. $99. It's similar in looks and operation, but has a much smaller pedestal base. Anyone familiar with these? I noticed that Nepas has the wider based slicer. Looks like a Cabelas from what I can tell. Do you think that I'd end up being disappointed with the Weston not staying clamped very well to the work surface. Haven't seen any reviews other than the Cabelas, which were all excellent.


  2. terry colwell

    terry colwell Smoking Fanatic

    Manually Operated Jerky Slicer= KNIFE...[​IMG][​IMG]
  3. shortend

    shortend Meat Mopper

    Terry, [​IMG]that's funny right there, now. I don't care who ya are. If you'd get a gander at the steady hand and consistent results of this ole' buzzard's carving skills, you'd be like, "Geez Louise, somebody get this 'ole dude some help!"[​IMG]

  4. pineywoods

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    I have the meat cuber which is the same basic machine with different cutter heads in fact Cabelas sells the jerky blades for the model I have and if you buy the jerky slicer you can buy the cuber blades if you chose to. I also have the motor unit for mine which is nice when cubing meat. I think MidWestern Research has the cuber unit that looks the same but not sure about the jerky slicer
  5. shortend

    shortend Meat Mopper

    Jerry, thanks for the info. I appreciate anything you guys can offer.  I think I'm going to wait out the Cabelas back order for the slicer I really want. Terry, convinced me to ....continue to use my "knife" to cut the solid muscle meat for Jerky. Us "old farts" will just have to show "young whipersnapers" like him a thing or two. Na, na, na na nah! And I heard he has "cooties". too. His sarcasm is of course""[​IMG]    [​IMG]  really appreciated. Man, I love this website!

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