OK Joe/New Braunfels smoker resto - Help with rusted out firebox

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by red7na, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. red7na

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    howdy, new here and i'm looking for some advice on what to do with the rusted out firebox on my New Braunfels(?? maybe Oklahoma Joe?) offset smoker.

    i'm the 2nd owner of this beauty. had it since about '05 or '06. previous owner had it for maybe 5 or six years...so, i think this thing is about 15 years old. mostly, it's in great shape. i use it, well, in the summertime i use it almost weekly. the wooden handles were getting crumbly and, as i said, the firebox has a rusted out spot - so i figure it's time for a little TLC.

    attaching pictures of the firebox so you can see that a small (4 or 5 inch) area right near the side door has rusted through.

    i don't have a welding rig and i'd rather not call in any favors to go that route (but i suppose i will if i have to) because i really don't want to have to take that firebox off and transport it all the way across town. i was thinking about just patching the area with a piece of steel, but i'm not sure how to go about that.

    i don't have a rivet gun, so would it be possible to lay a piece of steel over the top of the rusted out spot and then attach that patch steel to the good parts of the floor of the firebox? how would i do that without rivets? should i attach the patch under the rusted part?

    i'm looking for some ideas and some wisdom from someone who knows more about metal-work than i do (which is prolly anyone, heh).

    thanks for looking, 'preciate ya.
  2. vaquero01

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    in order to do it right, you will need to have it welded in order to have it last. If you like the smoker, you know how to get the best results out if it, and dont want to drop coin on a new one....put a little change into getting it welded up. put some coil handles on it....and get back to smokin!! Good luck.

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