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Discussion in 'Pork' started by tj3775, Jul 11, 2008.

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    but I'm going to do this in steps...maybe those who are learning (like me) can get some good info from this..you folks have been super helpful so lets consider this a class project.

    I am going to buy about a 8 lb Boston butt. Should it been heavily fatted? or not? I figure at 8 lbs it should take 12 hrs at 250 (foil it at 180 and back to the smoker til it gets to 205). I am going to use Jeff rub and put it on right before putting the meat on the smoker, using a mustard base to hold it in place.

    Then put 1 small bag of hardwood charcoal (3 lbs) in the offset pit and get a half or maybe 1 chimney started with hardwood, then when its going add 2-3 chuncks of hickory which had been soaked for no less than 30 min.

    Is this a good start? or should I do something different. Oh, and I forgot, a bottle of Cap't Morgan spiced rum and apple juice (putting it on after 3 hrs) in a half and half mixture spritzed on every hour.

    I'm not going to remove the meat untill it hits 180 and then only to wrap in foil and back till it hits 205 then at least an hour rest, then if all goes well....to pull it.

    I will document heavily with pics if wanted so newbies can see exactly how I did and hopefully how well it turned out. if there is anything to add then please speak now before I get going
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    Sounds like a good plan.

    Don't worry about too much fat as it will render out during the cook and help keep the meat from drying out.

    I would not soak the wood chunks. They will smolder for a while, rather than burn. Remember, if you can smell the smoke even if you can't see it, so can the meat.

    Good luck! Enjoy! Keep us posted!

    Take care, have fun, and do good!


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    Great advise!!
    Everything else is spot on!! [​IMG]
  4. dennisdocb

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    Sounds good to me...can't wait for the pic's
  5. meat-man

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    Sounds like a plan don't forget to post some pics
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    With Meowy's comments, it sounds as if you've got your 2nd run down to a method. One piece of advice, remember that butt will hit the plateau at some point. Keep the temps steady and don't raise them. Your time estimate of 12 hours is good but I've had butts that have been on the smoker for as long as 16 hours, same size as yours.

    Low and slow is the way to go [​IMG]
  7. What Sumo said. I did a 7 pounder 2 weeks ago and it took a little over 13hrs to hit 200 degrees. Just a thought if you are working around a timeline. I've learned it's better to get done early rather than late. They can always rest in the cooler for a few hours. Good luck!

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    TJ -- What they say. Pork butt is good to start with and it rewards you greatly. Jump in and Just Do It. Looking forward to the Que view.

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