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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by prudentsmoker, Aug 16, 2014.

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    I brined a chicken yesterday in a 2.5 gallon Hefty bag (a neat trick I read on this forum) and instead of throwing it out, I turned it inside out and threw in the washer with a load of clothes. I let it air dry and Voila! Almost as good as new. I think I should be able to reuse it numerous times.
  2. Not sure that was a good idea. Too get the water temp. high enough to kill the germs from the chicken, the clothes would have been needed to be steamed. Granted the soap probably did sanitize, but for .15 cents savings, I wouldn't want to risk walking around in chicken juice clothes. Just my thoughts.
  3. prudentsmoker

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    I rinsed it before washing it and it is the same temperature that I do dishes. I have a friend that is a retired Health Department Inspector that I will get his opinion on.
  4. sb59

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    I'm not sure if I'd want to eat the next chicken you smoke after finding it was brined in a bag sloshing around with your dirty shorts!
  5. I would suggest just hand washing it with your dishes if you want to be frugal, but again may I add the bags are very inexpensive. If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, just do your brining in used ice cream pails or gallon buckets. Thoroughly clean with bleach water, and reuse when needed. I use bakery castoff 5 gallon buckets to brine my turkeys, food safe and typically free from the local bakery.
  6. stickyfingers

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    LOL...throw it away after use.
  7. foamheart

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    I usually wash and reuse gallon ziplocs a couple a times. But I used my head about it, I don't normally reuse after meat especially chicken has set in it.

    To me its not about being frugal, its about not filling the oceans with trash. I am using more and more of the old tupperware and pyrex products that I had in the past passed by for throw away plastics. Its just makes better sense.
  8. First off......I wouldn't re-use anything meat has been in. Second......if you are frugal STOP buying bags and marinate in a Tupperware!!!  Re-usable and inexpensive. 

    Seriously.....those bags are .15 or less each.  Really?

  9. prudentsmoker

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    OK,OK, I give. I will not reuse bags.
  10. Now that is a prudent choice
  11. knifebld

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    I agree with Foam on saving the planet...

    A cool idea though to toss the bag in with the laundry...however if I even attempted this my wife would lose it! LOL
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  12. Honey???  would you care to explain why all my nether garments smell like smoked Chicken???  [​IMG]
  13. knifebld

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    No so much that...although I could work with that! LMAO

    But if I got any grease stains on her stuff...OMG there would be hell to pay
  14. Oh yeah......well that too [​IMG]
  15. dirtsailor2003

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    Not that I do it, but vacuum pack bags are washable and re-usable. It is suggested to run in the dish washer with non-heated drying.

    I really don't care for the taste of Tide Chicken!
  16. Try Cascade [​IMG]
  17. foamheart

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    And how could this be a bad thing? Its Frisky Friday dear!
  18. foamheart

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    In the south we call those skid marks..........
  19. Haha.....good one Foam [​IMG]

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