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  1. I will let you in on a little trick though, even though I didn't use it today due to the 10 ft length of pipe I'm doing.....

    If you get a piece of PVC that the pipe slides snugly through, it will keep the bit from walking and cut down on broken bits when not center punching the holes. I just knew if would be hard to keep everything level enough to guide the pipe smoothly with that 10 ft length, so I just made a cradle to keep the pipe centered under the bit, and hung a piece of 1/2" by 4" x 2ft flat bar on the pipe to act as a counterweight to keep the holes in line.
  2. This smoker will be a grill and a smoker in one. I've failed at a few attempts before at trying to do this, but I think I have the answer with this design.

    I just love my sticky BBQ skirt steaks, and you have to be able to sear them . So I'll never give up on this task until I have a cooker that will let me make both my steaks and my ribs!
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    Tell us more about these sticky BBQ skirt steaks!
  4. good stuff, secret is to use a bit of duck sauce in the mix.
  5. R W looking good, I have a friend that when he builds burners, he takes his pipe, lays it in a piece of channel where it fits pretty snug, either tack welds it in a couple spots or uses double sided sticky tape in the bottom of the channel to hold pipe in place. Takes his marker, marks the drill points and uses a stubby bit (like the kind metal building erectors use) short with a point on each end. He said it worked good and was pretty fast.

  6. i forgot i had bought some 1inch channel, that would have worked as well.
  7. I'm still working on my pipe burner, but got a few other things done today;

    The controversial exhaust stack is on.

  8. I ended up going with 5" I'd, the 6" just looked too big, and no! I did not extend it down into the CC.

  9. 22" from top of the CC will just let it fit in the garage after cap is installed.
  10. I too had a little bit of a gap to weld.

  11. Also got my firebox door framed up, I'll cut the vents now that there is no way it's going to warp.

  12. But what really kicked my but today was getting this wire lace into the frame, whooped me a few times.

  13. Still think I'm going to change the tank supports.. .?...but I'm going to wait until I get my burner controls and serving rack install in front of the CC to see how it's going to lay out. I'm probably going to frame the serving rack with 5/8" round stock and think ill frame about a 6" high rail around the storage rack, that with the 3" channel will give me 9" rail to keep wood from bouncing out and still enough access to get to it, We'll see.
  14. Hey, looks good, I like the proportions, stack looks good, as you know I like the bigger stack, 5" is just right, coming together nicely   good job !!

  15. Thanks Gary,

    I know I'm going at a snails pace on this one but I'm in no hurry and just enjoying myself. There is still a lot of fabrication to do on this thing, and with only really dedicating a few hours on Saturday mornings, it will probably be a few months before I ever get it cook ready.

    I ordered all my propane orifices, regulators, etc from Tejas smokers and hope to have them early next week. Hope to be lighting up a burner next weekend!
  16. Hey, I understand completely, Still waiting on #2 son to slow down enough to the the mods on my smoker, his smoker and start another one, We have two tanks laying there just waiting to become smokers. He is starting to get caught up a little.  I like where you are going with this one

  17. Nice thing about going slow is it gives you plenty of time to work out all the little details, I've already built the burner, vents, fire grate, cooking racks, etc , in my head a dozen or so times, so when I actually go to fabricate the, most of the bugs are already worked out.

    Kind of do that in business also, learned not to waste a dollar of labor on anything until a good plan has been put together. Now getting them to follow the plan is another story.....
  18. He has a real good crew that's been with him for a long time, but he is a hands on guy, I always joke he has two speeds, Wide open or dead stop.. He does structural steel & metal building erection, concrete and some fabrication. He is really picky about his work, which is a good thing.
  19. Fun stuff!

    Got some of my burner parts in today! They forgot the needle valve, but I have enough to get started welding!

  20. Can't wait to see the burners installed


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