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    Gave my dutch oven a thick coat of lard and handed it to a friend up side down to go put on a flaming hot pit. He did . After 10hrs i opened the pit and he had put it in the pit w/the top on like we were cooking. THICK coat of burnt on lard inside w/ a strong chemical smell????

     Tried washing and the lard is like axle grease. What do i need to do to get this pot ready to reseason???

      Almost ready to chunk this pot and get another.
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    Bob, morning....  If you have a self cleaning oven, throw it in there....   Preheat the oven to 550 for an hour or 2 with the pot in it... then the cleaning cycle....   If not, put it in the gas grill on high for a couple hours....   grill should get to 700 ish....  grill is probably the best way to go cause it won't stink up the house....   when done, there should be charcoal looking ash in the DO....  scrape it out, use steel wool on it.... or media blast the DO...    then you have a new DO to start conditioning....    Use flax seed oil, very thin layers and multiple coats at 350-400 ish temps.....  too high a heat and the flax oil will turn to burned charcoal...  

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