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  1. Hi all.

    I received a new offset smoker for fathers day was very happy. I have never used an off set smoker before, so I started researching several trends.

    Started off by putting it together and sealed everything that looked like might leak, sealing the doors with lavalock and built a charcoal basket out of expanded steel. I purchased an IQ120 for temp control with a standard adapter.

    I cured the smoker Friday, had some problems at first with the temp was able to finish the cure. Saturday morning woke up excited to do my first cook, a pork shoulder and ribs. The shoulder went on around 9:30 Am, around  1:30 Pm the ribs went on, that's when my problems started.

    I could not get the smoker over 200 degrees. I was looking at the standard adapter that came with the IQ120 which is approximately 6" in diameter, I went to the hardware store, purchased a ball valve that would except the IQ hose adapter. I drilled out the center of the dampener and installed the valve, which put better air flow in the fire box. I was able to get the fire box temp up to 210 degrees no higher. After letting everything smoke for about three hours, I took everything out wrapped it in aluminum foil and put it in my oven to finish it.

    Help please
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    pictures of everything....

  3.  Here are the photos of my smoker.
  4. As a simple experiment, put your coals below the firebox grate, inline with the incoming airflow, and see if it works better.  If it does, then you may need to move your ball valve up, and more inline with your basket.  I suggest the experiment first, that way you avoid putting another hole in your firebox if it makes no difference.  Stokers tend to work best when they "stoke" (blow air directly upon the coals), instead of generally making air available.  The IQ series max out at 15 cubic feet a minute (15 CFM), you may need more air flow if you are just generally making airflow available (on offset smokers).  Some of the other stokers models by other manufacturers have blowers which deliver up to 50 CFM. 
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