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    I built a 2 meter square smoker with an offset firebox roughly one-third the space. I have a chimney that is roughly 9 inch diameter exiting the smoker and making a left hand turn to vent outside. All of this chiumney is 9 inch dismeter. Then outside I am reducing to 5 inch diameter and venting vertical 45 feet or so...can anybody tell me what is going to happen? Should my vent pipe be larger?
  2. Do you have to go vertical 45 feet? That is awfully tall - all your smoke is going to cool and condense on the inside of the pipe. Do you have any pictures of your smoker?
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    Yeah, pics! We'd love to see your build.
  4. Yeah, I'll third that request for pictures.....  Oh, wait, I originally requested them.....

    Part of why I ask is because I have had my masonry smoker for almost 20 years now and it sounds like it is about the same size as yours. I have had only a three-inch diameter chimney that is maybe five or six feet long. I just recently replaced that with a four-inch pipe.

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    can u give me the plans for a smaller version of this
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    I wopuld love to see the plans if you are will to share them.  It's a nice looking smoker.  Have you got much use out of ti yet?
  7. Much use out it? Well, I did build the thing 20 years ago.....  Yeah, geesh, countless Boston Butts, a gazillion slabs of ribs, several turkeys, picnic hams, salmon - you name it! I haven't ever used any other smoker, so I can't really say how well it performs compared to others, but I can say that is sure seems to work great and i've produced many, many awesome meals - numerous guests have commented that my smoked meat was the best meal they had ever had. So I guess it works pretty well.

    I don't have any plans. I never drew any. I do most things as I go. Right now I'm building a diesel-electric hybrid motorcycle from scratch - no plans - just kinda winging it as I go. That may well not be the best method, but it does seem to be my method.

    Basically my entire smoker is made of standard cinder-block (concrete block) walls with brick on the front and sides. The firebox is lined with full-width firebrick, bottom, sides and top. The firebox is a firebrick liner with regular bricks on the outside. I could probably give you some measurements if you wish, but really, you can just make it any size you want - just use the smoker calculator as a guide. What else can I tell you? Here are a few more pictures - maybe that'll help.

    Below is picture looking into the firebox at the connector between the firebox and the smokebox.


    Below is pic of bottom of smokebox with smoke deflector and grate removed. Connector to firebox in on left.

    Connector between firebox and smokebox looking from the smokebox to the firebox.

    Smokebox open. I am currently in the process of making a new domed roof and doors for the smokebox. I just have a couple boards there for now - well, I put them there 20 years ago as a temporary solution to a roof and doors and they have been there ever since. I really do need to replace them though.....

    Smoke deflector removed from smokebox and sitting on top of firebox. I'll likely make a more heavy-duty one in the future. I just made this of thin steel to try it out to see how it might work - and it does seem to work quite well - very even heat.

    Looking into smokebox base with grate removed.

    Looking into firebox base with grate in place - I set my pan on the grate and the meat above the pan.

    Firebox. Again, I really didn't know what to do for an air inlet when I built it. I am going to cut out a couple firebricks where that pipe is and make some sort of adjustable sliding steel opening - so I can close things off and open up wider better and more easily. I'm also going to put a round opening in the door with the rotating steel plate to open and close an air inlet there.

    Inside of firebox. I cut that pipe out of there - stupid idea - didn't work well at all.


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