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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by yellance, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. So I have a duo combo brinkmann grill, one side is propane the other side is charcoal/smoker. I use only the coal side since of course it taste better and now I am hooked on smoking. My dilemma is do I find a offset side firebox and add it to the smoker with all the mods to even out the smoke or convert my propane side to the firebox and make it a reverse flow smoke box with all the mods too. But is that just more work than its worth or to big a firebox? Or should I add the firebox and make the propane side also a smoking chamber so have to seperate smoking chambers? Its a great BBQ so would rather modify to what I want rather than go out and buy a new one. any tips would be great thanks
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    i love low and slow but sometimes nothing beats the speed of a gas grill. i love my smoker but for quick after work meal where i can get food on in 10 mins no fuss no mess gas is king. i would add on it vs removing the gas grill part
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    Honestly , I believe you woul enjoy the benifits of a SFB on the unit. You'll enevidently want to sear a Steak or have Burgers at some point in time. Expand it and enjoy it all...[​IMG]
  4. SO update. I added the side firebox, two grate level thermostats, firerope, charcoal basket and a cookie sheet baffle that I stole from the wifes oven. Now I have noticed an issue with keeping the coals lit and it seems like the firebox needs more oxygen. When I placed a fan next to the air inlet I can get the temps up and it holds much longer but I do struggle to keep an average temp for a couple hours. I can get about an hour between 225-250. I did learn that I need more fuel than I initially used. I start off with 1.5 chimney full and add another 1.5 through out a 6 hour smoking span. So should I make another vent to allow more oxygen or is using the fan a good choice?

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