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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by orng95bagdacord, Sep 2, 2014.

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    does any one have a good gumbo recipie. wanting to make some and i want it to be good!.
  2. Here's a thread I'd started with detailed instruction for my mom's recipe for gumbo. It's amazing. Be sure to use (or make) a quality Andouille because so much of the flavor and authenticity of a gumbo comes from it. Another member, Foamheart??, has a step by step gumbo thread. Try using the search feature for it. I don't have it on hand.

    Feel free to ask any questions. A number of gumbo lovers out here.
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    there's a zillion recipes for's a link to one of my fav blogs on Cajun cookin'. Most important is making a good roux, takes time and patience but essential. Foam might be along to help you out soon....a Cajun legend on here <grin>.
  4. I'll post my recipe when I get home. Been making my gumbo for over 20 years and feel it's perfect.
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  6. That makes me wonder how old this one is....I know it's from a recipe book my mom got back when my older brother, who's now 35 was in high school. Always fun comparing gumbo recipes!
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    Gumbo is nothing more that soup over rice. Its what you have locally available and fresh. Good meat and fresh veggies make all the difference. I could list a 1000 things to look for but..... you know what you like and that is what you should make.

    Its usually made with seafood or fowl with some type of seasoning meat to balance out standard roux. Usually the seasoning meat these days is used to maintain the depth of the gumbo's flavor due to the inability to build all 7 of the basic roux colors, white to red. I think its fine, its like an electric smoker and digital thermometers, it allows more people to enjoy what they might otherwise shy away from.

    The roux should match the depth of the meats flavor. Light rouxs for seafood darker roux for duck. Its a balancing act.

    The basic chicken and sausage gumbo is a nice peanut colored roux......

    LOL so here I go again........

    Case gave you the thread to my basic gumbo, Its pretty basically what I have been giving folks for years when they ask for a recipe. Somewhere in that thread is a chicken and sausage gumbo. Its the first one you'll want to attempt.

    Remember its just a soup over rice, its the quality meats and fresh veggies that make all the difference. Well and the care given making it by the cooker.

    Good luck with it, however you do it I am sure you'll be happy. 
  8. Foam you are correct in most of what you say but I would never consider gumbo a soup. Soup for the most part is a runny gumbo has a thicker consistency and I feel is more like a stew.

    I have always been able to make roux from brick red. I pretty much only make chicken and and andouille sausage gumbo so I never need a blonde roux. The roux is the key to the depth of flavor and if it's too light or burnt you have a pot of crap. The only veggies that go into my gumbo are onion...celery and bell pepper. No okra and no tomatoes.

    Had a Co worker from LA call me out when I said I was making gumbo for a pot luck. He said "you're a city boy from don't know how to make gumbo". So I challenged him to rey it and give me an honest review. He tried it......tried some more and claimed that it was a better gumbo than he could get most anywhere at home....He was from Lafayette. I took that as a huge compliment and continue to make this gumbo as I have for some 24 years now. :)

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