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  1. Hello to all, pretty basic question but still getting feet wet with the whole smoking thing. I have been using a webber kettle for the past 7/8 months and then very gratefully accepted this gift my uncle made for me as a new baby gift!!!!.......which i thought was funny because now i have a little boy so my free time is sooooo abundant but I digress.

    With the kettle I have been cheating with the IQ-110 with some pretty good results. With this guy, I am going to have to control airflow which just means more babysitting which is fine,. 

    My question is whether I can use on of those charcoal baskets with the dividers to control the burn? 

    It seems like it would work. Water pan underneath the meat with the fire in the basket on the other side?

  2. vartz04

    vartz04 Fire Starter

    Where's the firebox on that thing
  3. There is none, that silver canister in the side is to adjust air flow. Which I guess in the basis for the question.

    Can I expect to get a good smoke with no side smoking box?

    Or even when the meat is on the other side of the grill, will it still possibly not be enough indirect heat?
  4. bluewhisper

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    Why not go ahead and try? You should be able to run a fire on one side, just expect the food to cook faster on that side. Maybe run some batches of chicken pieces to get the hang of it.

    A charcoal basket is really sweet. It's much better than just making a heap on a grate. You can load more fuel = less tending, and it tends to burn more completely with fewer stray half-burnt bits around the edges.
  5. vartz04

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    Yeah it'll be a lot like smoking on a weber kettle but maybe even allowing more separation between heat and meat. Just rotate the meat regularly and it'll work fine. You may want to try and build a fire box in the future if it doesn't work how you want it to.
  6. i didn't even think about rotating the meat but makes sense. I think what I will try is getting a scrub brisket and giving it a go. And yes, I should be able to keep it a lot father away from the fire.
    I appreciate all the advice and I'll post when I fort give it a go......which is hopefully sooner than later
  7. bluewhisper

    bluewhisper Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    You might want some sort of grease-catching tray. Even something temporary made of foil could work.
  8. Like a pan beneath the meat to catch everything? And I guess the other question is water or no water in the pan? 
  9. All righty I may not get to the barrel grill soon, but had the itch so going with the weber kettle and pork ribs


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