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  1. I am using a 60L keg for my cooking chamber and a 30 L for the fire box I'm wondering if a 4 inch pipe connecting the 2 is big enough to get the cooking chamber to temp. Also I was thinking about putting a temp regulator out of an oven and hooking it up to a fan to help control the temp. Or Is there inexpensive ones I can buy and will this even work.

    Thanks any help is appreciated
  2. Hey mate,
    Did you do the build? im looking to build one myself, but im just using two 60 litre kegs. How did it go if you did build it?
    Regards Adam.
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    That sounds awful small. Take a look at the hole between the fire box below, which is about a 36cm diameter and smoke chamber about 41cm. I figure the Hole is about 20cm wide and 16cm tall, maybe bigger. It requires a Baffle and Tuning plates for optimum even heating end to end. You may also consider a Reverse Flow set up which are very popular. Do a Search for builds others have been successful with. As far as Controllers, depends on what you mean by Cheap. This unit comes with high praise and they ship world wide... Guru Controls Systems Good luck...JJ


    Here is one style of Baffle with Slat Tunning Plates...

    Here is a different style with Holes. I think slats allow for better control and are more easily tuned so you can have a Hot Zone for Chicken and a Cooler Zone for low and slow Ribs...


    Here is the concept of how a Reverse Flow works. Pretty Cool in my opinion...


    If you are thinking an Over/Under set up, see below, You can use 1 heat duct and an adjustable Damper, a good idea. This duct is at least 15.25cm and a bit larger would be better as you will have a better range of temps available...

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  4. I'm in the process of building it now. I'm been doing it at work since I'm working nights but the last couple weeks I've been pretty busy so haven't got much done this is what I have so far
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  5. Jimmy I am doing a reverse flow
  6. Jimmy I also ordered a party-q blower and used it on my UDS it worked fantastic can't wait till I get my reverse flow going to try it on that
  7. chef jimmyj

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    Looks like you are off to a great start...JJ
  8. Thanks for the pictures and ideas cole5000 and Chef JimmyJ. These have given me some great ideas as I'm planning on building a smoker using two stainless steel beer kegs. I was going to do a side by side but I think I might do a over/under setup. What are your thoughts on this setup using beer kegs?
    Cheers Adam.
  9. I think it should work fine. How are your tig welding skills?
  10. Hey cole5000,
    Been a while since I've had a burn on the old tig welder! But she'll be right mate! Seen a few different designs from ppl in this forum! Mighty helpful I tell ya! Lol! I'll despise soon on a design and go from there! Cheers mate!

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