Off-Set at last, Bar-B-Chef restoration, ready to roll some coal...

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by purdueboo, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. purdueboo

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    Foodie for years, I love to cook and I was in the food service industry for over 15 before I lost my mind and went into Marketing! I have turned out some pretty decent Q over the years (according to my friends and family) with marginal equipment. So I'm anxious to see what I can do with a better rig and from what I've read, the Bar-B-Chef, should "git r done"!

    I've been looking for quite some time for a decent off-set and found this original Bar-B. It had been undercover and unused for 10 years! The price was right and I had the Labor Day weekend to complete the restoration. The bones were there, just needed some TLC, elbow greas and high temp paint. I've already lowered the stack to grate level, next I'll work on the baffles. Thanks to those that posted prior mods on this unit (and a call-out to ChefRob, your resto showed me what was possible).

    My contribution to the community will be my Rub recipe, 10 years in the making, I think it will compliment any smoker and I hope some of you try it (I'll post it in the recipe section at a later date).

    Happy trails, here's the pics and thanks for a great forum!

  2. thesmokist

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    looks good man!! look forward to the rub recipe
  3. Looks great!  You have brought that smoker back to life and are giving it a second chance.  Good Job!

  4. zjaybird

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    That looks like a Stone Cold Stunner!   Great job

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