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Discussion in 'Beef' started by aarond2013, May 29, 2016.

  1. So...I bought a 16lb prime brisket.  I started somking it and it has been on my smoker for 20 hours.  I hit the stall around 160. It came out of that stall and got to about 190.  Now it stalled at about 190 for 4 hours.  Has anybody else had this happen?

    I know i need to wait for it to be like butter and the probe needs to go in easy...but I've never had this happen and it seems odd...still waiting for it to get to 198.
  2. smokinal

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    Hang in there.

    You just can't rush it.

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    Happens alot to me. Used to think what am I doing wrong? Is my probe working right? Is the heat too low? Then I realized it was me. Like a kid in a candy store. Just what it to be done so I can eat it. I have learned to just let it do its thing. It will get there when its ready. Like this morning. Last night I started my brisket about 11pm. Went to bed at 2am. Woke up at 7:30 this morning and what do I do. Find myself with my coffee looking thru the glass of my MES30 and staring at my beautiful piece of meat. Probe only at 153. Damn. I have to wait. Drooling. Man what a addiction.
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    Sometimes them briskets have mind of their own. Some cook fast and others take a long time. What Temperature are you cooking it at?
    I agree with what Al said...hang in there just awhile longer. You should be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    If you get a chance post us a picture of the finished product.
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    Keep on smoking - show that brisket whos boss!

    Lets see some pics of that meat. [​IMG]
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    What are you using to smoke, what temp?

    My shoulders did that when I smoked in the 220-225 range on my MES. Since I have increased to 245 they push through faster. My experience anyway
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    Crack open a beverage. Relax. It's coming alone nicely B
  8. So, I smoke on WSM 18.5.  I was using pecan wood at 235.  I just never had one do that before.  I don't have a problem waiting, it was just odd.  Here's some porn for you guys....hahaha

    21 Hrs...pulled at 190, cut the point off and let her rest for 2 hours in a cooler, wanted to eat...haha

    Burnt ends baby!!!

    It sliced up pretty good, no regrets pulling it off because of the feel of the probe instead of the temp.
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    That looks great!

    Points to you!
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  10. Nice Looking Brisket,      Check your temp gauge and make sure it is reading correctly 

  11. Gary,

    I thought about that, but I believe it is close to correct because the "feel" of the probe going in didn't feel right until I pulled it off at 21hrs.  But thanks, I'll still check it.  I use the BBQ Guru, and just got a new probe so maybe I needed to calibrate it. I didn't think about that. Thanks!
  12. Only reason I mentioned that was because that seemed like a long time, I have had some long smokes but never 20 + hours


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