oak to start?

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  1. ok, so we know that food will only take smoke for the first 3 hrs of cooking. "or so i am told"....so what wood do you use for the rest of the burn? if and when it happens i plan on using oak to fire her up and then the usual for flavor and oak the rest of the way. make any sence?
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    No it doesn't [​IMG] The smoke ring will stop forming at about 140* but the intake of smoke does not stop there it will continue to take in smoke as long as smoke is used . Personally I sometimes use oak for the entire smoke I actually kinda like it.
  3. That would be an old wives tail, otherwise it would be impossible to oversmoke something.

    Oak for heat and fruitwood for flavor!
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    Agree with whats been said so far. Early on in my experience I smoked so long with hickory that it made my wife and I mouth numb like novicane!
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    So that's why I can't feel the back of my throat..... Dang!

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    I cant figure out what a cgsp is-brain fart- but if you finished cook with lump- alot of the properties of the wood that create the smoke flavor have been gassed out of wood.Friend just got a new lang for comps and he is having oversmoking problems-compared to his older lang and he is a succesful comp cook.140* degree smoke penetration stopping is what everybody i no goes by in the comp world.Creasote is a numbing experience.
  7. I almost agree, but if you elminate oak for smoke flavoring, you are missing out. IE; Santa Maria BBQ TriTip... mmmmmmmmm
  8. Nope, oak the whole time. thats your cooking heat.
    Us Northern BBQers like our fruitwoods for extra flavoring!
  9. I agree about using the fruitwoods also, they do mix nicely with what you are getting out of the oak ;)
  10. "Char Griller Smokin Pro"
  11. us way further northern bbqers agree with bubba..lol
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    Thanks-that was bothering me.
  13. no problem.....smoke on brother!!!
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    We used to run super-stock at lincoln raceway in pennsylvania in 90s-late models as well-potomac maryland too-love those sprint cars

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