Oak smoked fennel, rosemary, and garlic crusted rack of lamb...

Discussion in 'Lamb' started by worktogthr, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. worktogthr

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    First time cooking a rack of lamb let alone smoking one. The price usually scares me away but I got this 1.25 lb. rack for 7.99 a pound a few weeks back and threw it in the freezer. I have on more in there.. Rubbed it with a paste of fennel, garlic, rosemary, salt, pepper, and olive oil. Indirect setup on the weber. Trying to run as close to 400 degrees as possible. Always forget my drip pan! Threw some oak chips on the coals, waited for some thin blue smoke and then threw them on the grill. Set my maverick to beep at 115 IT and then reverse seared it until it reached 130.

    Taste and tenderness were great. Flavor wise maybe one of the best things I have ever cooked. However,...I like my lamb and beef between rare and medium rare and these were a little overcooked for me. The IT rose to 145 while resting. Didn't even tent it with foil. All in all it was a great meal...haha ate the whole rack myself. Days like these I am glad my wife doesn't like lamb. I grilled her some chicken which she enjoyed.
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  2. Fine looking plate man!  [​IMG]   I can't eat those green things but the rest looks great  [​IMG]
  3. worktogthr

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    Thanks! Vegetables have grown on me. I am lazy with sides though...most come out of packages or freezer bags..I focus so much on the meat!
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    Wow spectacular! Looks like you nailed it. Now I must try to do the same! Thank you for the great pics!  [​IMG]
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    Dang man, great lookin eats there !! :drool That's some fine lookin lamb... love lamb !! Great smoke !! :yahoo:
  6. foamheart

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    Sure coulda fool me! Looks delicious!

    Excellent job, congrats!

    BTW did you French it or did ya get it that way?
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  7. tc fish bum

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    lamb is my fav!! how was the fennel on them? I usually go evoo rosemary garlic for three days and smoke with apple till rare. fennel sounds interesting now, thanx im gonna try it on the leg I have for this weekend. I could tell you were all busted up to have to eat all that rack by yourself, next time I would b more than happy to help you get rid of them. just saying

    Just absolutely, incredibly, and undeniably, BEAUTIFUL!  

    Terrific job!

    And that crusty top in that photo and then the  juicy inside shot? Wow!

    Just amazing!

    Cheers! - Leah
  9. worktogthr

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    Thanks Foam! It came frenched. That's something I haven't done yet on my own...

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