NY Strips on my new Weber 22 1/2" Gold

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  1. My wife's Mother's Day request was steaks on the grill.  I haven't cooked steaks on charcoal in a long time but was anxious to do so.

    I purchased some beautiful 1 inch Strips at Publix and while shopping I found that Publix also carries some Weber seasonings that I have never come across before.  I chose the Weber Chicago Style Seasoning and was pretty impressed with the flavor.

    I removed them from the fridge about 30 minutes before lighting the charcoal in my Weber Chimney Charcoal starter.  After starting the charcoal, I spread olive oil on each side of the strip and then placed the Chicago Seasoning on.  I pressed the seasoning into the meat and let it stand for about 15 minutes.  At that time, I placed the strips on the hot side of my grill and after 2 minutes, I rotated the strips about 45 degrees in an attempt to get the X sear marks.  After another 2 minutes of grill time, I flipped the strips over and saw that they were beautifully charred.  I repeated the cook time on this side as well.  After 4 minutes of total grill time on that side, I rotated the grill grate so that the strips were now resting on the indirect heat side.  I covered the grill and continued cooking the strips for 4 more minutes.  At this point I decided to place a pad of butter on each strip.  I spread that butter over the entire strip as it melted.  I then flipped the strip and added a pad of butter on that side as well.  I covered the grill and cooked an additional 4 minutes.  I removed the strips and let them rest about 5 minutes before cutting into them.  My strip and my son's were perfectly Medium Rare, however my wife's was not to her liking and needed to go back onto the grill for another 4 - 5 minutes the pink was very light in color and acceptable to the Mrs. 

    Here is my Q-view:


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    Good looking fare!  Did you use hardwood lump for fuel to add a little smoke to those puppies?
  3. Nope...I used Kingsford Hickory Briquettes.  Like I said, I haven't cooked on charcoal in a long time, but just finished my first 20 lb. bag in a weeks time.  I plan on trying some different fuel types soon.  It's all new to me, but it's all good eats so far.  [​IMG]
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    Nice job on the steaks
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    Looks great, bet that was some good eating!
  6. Very nice! [​IMG]

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