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  1. anyone have experience with the nu vu 13 smoker?  I have one and am wondering if anyone knows about using the damper...etc...

    I have used this one and it seems to work's got the chip box inside.  We're replacing the chip burning elements because only the left side gets the smoke is slow...but nice flavor anyway and cooks very evenly. 

    I'm kind of looking for anyone who is or has used one of these smokers...their manuals are very vague.  IE: what are the optimal settings for good smoke flavor for the manual damper, why are they setup for using sheet pans instead of wire/open shelves or even rib racks like the cookhouse smokers...
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    Check the connectors on the elements..... One may be bad......
  3. I use one at work everyday. Mine is not manual damper, and the wood tray is inside at the top. That is a problem with the fan on, it blows all of the smoke right out the top. I use it with the fan off and no humidity. When cooking pork or brisket I always use wire racks. I start toward the middle and rotate them every hour. I usually cook 10 briskets every two days and about the same of pork butts. You get plenty of moisture in the smoker and need to step back when opening the bottom door from a rush of juice. The more you use yours you will learn exactly how to run it perfect. I love the smoker and have tried to smoke just bout everything you can think of. Here are just a few pics of things I do.

     Cured Salmon ready to slow smoke for Mothers Day Buffet.

    Brisket getting rotated during 8hr smoke

    Brisket I cleaned and separated and cured for pastrami. Then I smoked a few hours before finishing in the oven.
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    Excuse me bumping this old thread, but I just go my hands on a Smoke 6.  Haven't had a chance to use it yet-- need to get upgraded electrical in my commerc kitchen.  Does anyone have any more expereince with this unit?  How do you like the humidity setting and cook/hold feature?  Thanks.!
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    I too would like to re-open this thread. We are just putting a NuVu smoker in our kitchen as the focal point of a little beach smokehouse on Belize. I've used other commercial smokers, but want to also try cold smoking some fish and seafood as well as the standard pork and beef.
    I saw the salmon and hope that shnooman is still an active member of this forum so I can pick his brain some.
    Anyone else out there have experience with the NuVu smokers?

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