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    I had purchased some mighty fine raw pecans from a certain crazy eyed squirrel last fall and decided it was about time I smoked em up!

    I also added some extra mixed nuts and some large cashews to the load. I decided I would try some various flavors I've been thinking of trying and a few others that were off the cuff. Just to see what ones I would like. 

    I had seen another post where someone had soaked their nuts in a salt brine to add the saltiness, so I thought I would give it a try.

    1.5 cups kosher salt

    4 cups  warm water

    mix these well to dissolve the salt( till the water turns clear again)

    add 4 more cups of cold water and pour over nuts in a large plastic container to soak.

    note: I soaked these overnight because it was 11:30pm when I did hind sight 2-3 hours would have probably been long enough. The cashews really soaked up the water and were kinda mushy.


    Squirrel even sent them vacum packed....I thought they buried them?[​IMG]

     A-maze-n smoker fired up and ready to go...

    Here is how I separated them on the racks.

     These are some extra roasted and salted cashews I had so I thought I would try to put some smoke on extra ingredients.


    Here is where I will pass on the recipes if you would like to try these yourself!

    NOTE: for some of these I used a tip I found from another smf-er.... to coat the nuts so the seasoning will stick good mix them with some egg whites.

    sorry fellow smf-er I will give you your do when I figure out who you are.  

             SMOKEHOUSE NUTS

    5 cups saltbrined mixed nuts

    1 eggwhite  (large white egg)

    1/2 tsp hickory salt

    1/2 tsp cumin

    1/2 tsp granulated garlic



    5 cups saltbrined pecans

    1/4 cup honey/ warmed

    1/2 container of Pampered chef sweet carmel sprinkle (2.5 oz)

    NOTE:  Mrs SOB says Heath Bits O'Brickle would work great too.


    This was Mrs SOB's Idea... She is a chocoholic.


    5 cups saltbrined mixed nuts

    1 Egg white (XL brown egg)

    1 packet Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Coco mix


    10 cups saltbrined pecans

    2  egg whites (large white eggs)

    1/4  cup Parmesan cheese

    1 TBS granulated onion

    1  TBS granulated garlic


    5 cups saltbrined mixed nuts

    1 TSP granulated onion

    1TSP  granulated garlic

    2 TBS worschester-shista- shire- sauce

    1/4 cup Chipotle Tabsco sauce

     All loaded up ....sorry so blurry.

    And heres my faithful friend Piggy! 

    Ok so I put them a 250* smoker with some cherry smoke for 3-1/2 hours.

     Here are the simple cashews....MMMMMM soooo good!

    The smokehouse nuts were good but really needed more garlic and onion.


     Honey Carmel Crunch....What can I say???.......OMG!!!!


     Well the Smokey coco nuts were a big let down.  almost no coco flavor at all...


    The smoked parmesean garlic are my #1 pick!!!

    You really gotta try em'

    smokey chipotle nuts were another let down....they were nice and spicy after they were mixed...but after they were smoked all the heat was gone!!

    Anybody else experience this at all??


    My brother happened to stop over on his V-ROD( Sweet Bike) just as I was getting ready to take the nuts out of the smoker.

    He gave them a 2[​IMG][​IMG]  ! and requested that I bring some to our easter family get-together. Thanks Bro!

    Well thanks foe watching my LOOONG Nut post!

    SOB-QTV is out!![​IMG]
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  2. fpnmf

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    Very Nice!!!!

  3. danmcg

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    Wow SOB they all look Delicious, Last time I bought some almonds to smoke I ended up eating them all before they made it to the smoker
  4. scarbelly

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    Great looking nuts [​IMG]   That is hard to say!! Looking good man
  5. fife

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  6. tjohnson

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    Nice Nuts My Friend! [​IMG]

    That old worn out 8x8 is lookin' a little tweaked.

    Maybe the A-MAZE-N-FAIRY should bring SOB a new toy.

  7. venture

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    Thanks for a great thread.  One more project for my list.

    Good luck and good smoking!
  8. beer-b-q

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    They look Great... Maybe add the Chipotle after smoking...
  9. porked

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    Great post, thanks. I have been contemplating doing this for awhile now and pecans and cashews are my favorites. You definitely went all out for this smoke, much appreciated from here!
  10. thebarbequeen

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    GREAT post SOB!  thanks for such detail and feedback on your results - I'm feeling inspired!
  11. richoso1

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    Now that is one outstanding post, and with the pics to back it up. Those nuts would make great presents, or today's snacks! It's all good my friend.
  12. chef willie

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    looks good..thx for giving your honest opinion on the turnout
  13. Wow they look yummy! I'm getting ready to try some nuts tomorrow - what dust did you smoke them with?
  14. SmokingOhioButcher - Tried the Smokehouse, used Liquid Smoke Hickory instead of Hickory Salt, and The Parmesan Garlic, both turned out great. Thanks for the recipes.
  15. travisb

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    If you were to do these again, would you use the brine method again?

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