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  1. Should of figured out a plan sooner... but short story is I have my first Poultry (1, 4.5 lb and 1, 5.5 lb bone in Turkey Breast) ready to come out of the cooler and need to save it in the fridge until Sunday (2 1/2 days). So what is the best way to package it for the wait??

    It's wrapped in foil and towels now, should I leave it in the foil or remove. Should it be sealed up like in tupperware or can I put in a lg bowl and cover with sedan wrap or what???

    Thanks, more in a bit!
  2. OK, the long version. I got wrangled into smoking 2 Turkey Breast for Sunday family get together. Short notice and I have to work, so Wed and Thursday was last days I could do it.

    Found 2 fresh unfrozen, un-injected breast.

    Did a equilibrium brian @ 1.5% for 18 hours.

    Had to create a very hasty Herb / Spice mix to add to the Brine...

    Right or wrong this is my mix...

    Turkey Brine for 2 breast and ~2 gal of water.

    1.5% salt by weight. 

    Brown sugar amount equal to salt volume.

    2 TBS each of Sage, Oregano,  Thyme, Rosemary.

    1 TSB each of Garlic powder, Black Pepper, Ground Allspice, Ground mustard.

    Removed from Brian after 18 hours and patted dry and returned to fridge for 2 hours while I prepped the MES 30.

    Coated the meat with softened real salted Butter then a very light dusting of a commercial seasoning salt.

    Smoked with Apple wood via AMAZ-N pellet smoker at 250 until 165 Deg. No pan, right on the racks, first hour breast down, but I didn't like the breast getting all squished out of shape so I turned then over for the rest of the smoke. took them to 163*

    4.5 lb breast took right at 4 hrs.

    5.5 took about 5.25 hrs.

    Foiled and towel wrapped and rested in a cooler.

    They LOOK good! But no I didn't sample yet!!

    Sorry getting dark out... Q-view, fixin' to foil...

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    I would remove the foil and keep covered in the fridge til Sunday. You are sure to have amazing, tender breast meat to enjoy! [​IMG]

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