Now I understand what all the fuss is about brisket

Discussion in 'Beef' started by retired lawman, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. A few weeks ago I posted a brisket post, and I was feeling right good about myself at the time, it was the best to date and I wanted to show it off. Little did I know I didnt know poop about poop :)

    Through some constructive comments I learned brisket needs to be finger pulling falling apart (who knew?) So being the OCD type personality that I am, I endeavored to improve yet again. Tomorrow is my family reunion and I decided it's time to get this right. 

    I started out like I always do, with a buttermilk soak, only this time I bought one of them little metal pokie prong things to jab holes in the briskets to allow the buttermilk in to help break down the meat.

    After a 10 day soak in the beer fridge, I washed them off and gave them a good dusting of dry rub stuff, bagged them and gave them one more day in the fridge.

    Saturday morning, I got Oklahoma Joe fired up at the break of dawn and got the meat on

    Five hours into the smoke I had to add some water to the water tray, internal temp was around 140ish

    Ten hours later internal temp reached 210, I foiled them and let them rest a couple hours. Temptation was too great to allow any more rest, I had to cut into it. This time, the brisket fell apart under the knife. I could so pull this and make a BBQ, but the reunion crowd is more beef and potato types, so sliced will have to do this time. But I wont make any predictions about next time, and next time is coming soon.  Many thanks to all who helped guide me through this one, I get it now!!

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    Wow those look great!!  I have read that for sliced brisket the ideal internal temp is 185 and for more of a pull apart brisket it's 205.  I myself prefer the 205 over the 185 but I have cooked it both ways.  Great smoke ring by the way.

  3. seenred

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    Looks delicious! Nice going!

  4. disco

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    If I beg, will you send me some?

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  5. That looks great! If you have any left after Disco's, can I have some?

  6. webowabo

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    Looks just fine from here. Great ring.. great bark.. !
  7. Brisket looks great! Nice job on it!
  8. Thanks all, a follow up report......Once word of mouth spread through the family at the reunion, I didnt have any come home with me. Excited to do it again, next time it's pulled BBQ for sure[​IMG]

    I make a pretty mean bourbon BBQ sauce, bourbon and brisket sounds like peanut butter and jelly to me
  9. disco

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    Please post that with Qview. What can I say? I am a food  junkie.

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  10. OMG!!  PULLED BRISKET??  That's sacrilege in TX. [​IMG]   Just pullin yer leg my friend.  Some good lookin brisket and if you wanna shred it and turn it into pasta sauce ( not a bad thing by the way ) then you continue with works for you.  Glad it turn out so good for ya.  Keep Smokin!

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    Yep you've started it now, you'll be dragging that smoker to every family event! You are now the go to guy for food.

    Glad it turned out so great. You know when you run out and should have cooked more that to did it right.

    Thank for sharing.
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    Great looking brisket......................[​IMG]
  13. oddball

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    Looks good.  My last brisket were for the in-laws 50th annv. and they wanted brisket.

    I had two in the smoker for around 12 hours.  One was firm enough to slice and the other was easily pulled apart.  That was my first pull apart brisket as well.  They both tasted great...who knew.  At first I thought I had done something wrong.
  14. the zil

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    Nice. I'm trying my first brisket right now. I'm intrigued by this buttermilk recipe. I have a brisket/yogurt recipe I want to try with my homemade yogurt. Wanted to keep it simple for the maiden voyage though. Looks awesome.

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