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  1. I am building a RF smoker and I am putting in a pipe burner arrangement for heat. I have seen all sorts of videos and posts on the internet about DIY burners. What I am needing to do will require me to DIY it so that is my plan. The bottom line question is this - Which puts out more BTU... a drilled burner with small, closely situated holes OR one that has the slits 1" apart from each other the length of the pipe? Does anyone know this info? Everyone has chosen their styles, as near as I can tell, because they have a drill press or not, a band saw or not. I got both and I am looking for a more technical approach. I figure I will build one of each and try it out just for giggles since they are exactly the same with the exception of drill or slit if nobody has input. I guess I will then have that answer for everyone, huh? Somebody has to be the first.
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    Let us know what you find out.

    Sounds fun
  3. Just wondering what you found to be the best. I have started another build for a friend that involves building a gas burner
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  5. Nice chart Dave, I'll have to save that one

  6. I actually got sidelined on my project. Too many irons in the fire so I have not done that comparison yet. Tht is the same chart I found when I was initially looking for drill size. Could not find a BTU rating for the cut version anywhere. Probably because the "hole" is so massive compared to a drill bit. Would take some math to calculate the volume of the slice. I was going to do the build and heat approach.
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    Area of slices vs. area of drill holes don't compare...  slices probably 50% more flow vs. area of holes...   friction from slices a whole lot less...  

    Air inlet holes are pretty critical....  yellow flame, enlarge air inlets...   blue short flame, bigger gas jet...    or something like that....  not 100% sure... 

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