not sausage but excellent jerky for your smoker

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  1. Hi all! new to this site and wanted to share an excellent jerky made from.......PORK! Ive made this several times and it comes out killer every time....It starts with boneless pork loins (pork chops)....its very lean and doesnt allow much for trimmings and its usually a inexpensive cut of meat I can get it for under 2 dollars per pound.

    3lbs of the pork cut in 1/4 inch strips

    1 1/2 TBPS of cracked pepper

    1 TBP of kosher salt (add more to your taste if necessary)

    1/2 TSP garlic powder

    1/2 TSP of onion powder

    1/2 TSP of cumin (I like to add this seems to bring out flavors but dont need it)

    Mix all the spices together and put in shaker bottle lay out cut meat on a cutting board or the like and season the meat as you would with HI Mountain seasonings if your familiar and pat spices into the meat. Place spiced meat in zip lock bag and cure in refrigerator overnight. Then place meat on racks for your smoker....I use a electric smoker I got on ebay, not much but works like a champ.

    Start temp out at 130 degrees for one hour then turn up temp 10 degrees and start the smoke ( ihit it for about 15 minutes at a time 3 times during the whole process. then another 10 degrees the next hour. By the fourth hour its at 170 degrees and then the last hour up to about 190. It starts off looking kinda pale but by hour 3 it starts turning a very nice and darker red as it starts to "cook". once done and youll be able to tell by pulling it apart it will appear still pink but it will be done. Place completed jerky into another ziplock bag and place in frig overnight where it starts to form that great flavor. I can gaurantee you it wont be around long once you pass the bag around for tasting!
  2. Jeff

    Sounds interesting. I'd add a cure to it. I see this is your first post. When you get a chance will you drop by roll call so we can all give you a proper SMF welcome. Also if you would add your location to your profile.

    Happy smoken.


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