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  1. Having problem getting more than about an hour and a half of smoke out.Problem is reload wood and its not starting back smoking.Thanks for any and all help.Double rl
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    Please provide more useful information so we can help out.

    1 - In your picture, it looks like you got a MES 40. Is that the smoker that you're using?

    2 - I assume you're using woodchips, loaded into the smoke tray. Is this correct?

    3 - What temperature are you smoking at?

    4 - What are you trying to smoke?

    Just about all of us who own the MES have bought an AMNPS. This is a device that's sold by a member here: Todd.

    With this device, you use wood pellets.  The device goes inside the smoker. The benefits is, if you get the pellets burning properly, you won't have to worry about adding wood.  The problem with wood is, over smoking. Who the hell wants to keep adding wood every 30 minutes of so. And, when will it be to much wood.  And, if you're doing a pork shoulder or a brisket, the smoking could go for over 12 hours.  Do you really want to keep loading wood every 30 minutes for a 12 hour smoke??? With an AMNPS, you're able to get about 12 hours of full smoke with the device.

    Do yourself a favor, invest $39.99 for the AMNPS and then order 5lbs of Pitmaster pellets. I guarantee that you won't be disappointed.

    Below is a link to the website. Enjoy!

    Depending on what, I'm doing, I smoke at different temperatures. Yesterday, I did a pork shoulder at 230 degrees (and using my AMNPS). The wind was blowing pretty good and I was wondering if the AMNPS was kicking out smoke cause I didn't see anything.  A couple of hours into the smoke a good amount of smoke was coming out the vent--honey hush it was beautiful. I let the shoulder smoke until it reached 200 degrees (I didn't wrap it) and I filled my AMNPS with hickory pellets.  After smoking for nearly 15 hours, I'm proud to say that I got another successful smoke.
  3. Just ordered the smoker and pellets thanks  for the help.Starting the pellets will it  come with instructions?
  4. Sorry,I posted wrong should have replied to you.Thanks,just ordered the smoker and pellets you described.Will the smoker come with instructions?
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    You will get instructions with the pellets. You have to follow the instructions EXACTLY  as stated or you will have problems. It's nothing difficult but the point is to get the pellets hot enough to keep the smoke going and ensuring that you have enough air flowing into your oven to keep the smoke flowing. If you have any questions, you can post or hit Todd up directly. He owns the company and is a stand up guy.  He's patient in answering all of your questions. Heck, I've been using his products since last December and I still hit him up with questions.

    Todd sells a variety of pellets there but seems like the pitmaster are the most popular. Wait until you enjoy the smell of those pellets burning. It's an unreal flavor. My neighbors dog is always howling and going crazy when I do my weekly smokes. 
  6. Thanks,again for the help.Just checked unit is on the way cant wait.Will do pork shoulder first.Kryinggame will let you no first.Double rl
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  8. Scarbelly,went on the site very informative I think I should just about have it figured out.Thanks for the info.Double rl

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