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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by smokin'k, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. I seem to be having the OPPOSITE problem then most MES owners out here. When my pork butt ,ribs or fish (1st attempt) is done, it's real tender but I'm not getting a strong enough smoke taste. Would using chunks instead of chips help? Also, I see alot of guys using a charcoal brickette in there. Do I just put that in cold or do I get it going in another location first? Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks
  2. ronp

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    What wood are you using is the first question? What temp? What is your damper set at not that it matters that much? Mine is usually wide open when I see smoke or I need to raise temps then I'll close it to half.

    If you use briquettes add 1 with your chip load with some chips. If you use chunks make sure they are small enough to load properly. Have you checked the ash bin to see if you have ashes? Maybe whatever your using isn't getting burned.

    I have had great smoke flavor with mine.

    Wife is taking to work, a smoked and cured boneless bby back rib sammie tomorrow, and I am going to have a smoked Pastrami sammie tonight, both have a great smoke flavor.

    Good luck, and if I can help let me know.
  3. shawnr5

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    Are you adding more wood or just relying on the first loading of chips? I cooked a brisket in mine and ended up running around taking care of things for family for most of the day. I only added the first load of chips and had very little smoke flavor. The meat was cooked well, but suffered from my lack of attention and effort. I can't fault the smoker for my participation (See, Ron, I don't bash it when it isn't warranted.)

    The best thing you can do with your smoker is practice. The more time you spend with it, the better the results will be. I also recommend getting it some more family members. Mixed families are great. Mine consists of electric, gas, charcoal and wood units in black, aluminum, green and well-faded. They all have their own personalities and it takes some effort to get to know each of them.

    It also means they have to put up with me.
  4. fishawn

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    I have had no problem with getting the smoke flavor into the meat in my MES. I usually go through about 4-6 "loads" of chips (I use Hickory) when doing a brisket or pork butts, which is enough smoke flavor for me.
  5. ronp

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    Well, if you are using it and are satisfied why did you bash it? For 20.00 you got a great deal.

    Good Luck!!
  6. shawnr5

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    I didn't bash the unit, I bashed the complete lack of customer service around a safety issue. If they were to reply that I needed to look for "....." and that I would have to pay for the parts since I wasn't the original owner I'd be okay with that. What I don't appreciate is a safety issue that is serious enough to warrant a recall and no response from the company. I can understand blowing off a question about a minor performance issue, but not a safety issue.

    I've dealt with good companies before and bad companies before and don't generally air dirty laundry in public. I was more than happy to let people know that Camp Chef was wonderful to deal with when I needed to order gaskets and a knob for my Weekender stove and they sent them out free of charge. I called them with my credit card in hand, but they wouldn't take the number. I won't hesitate to order from them, buy their products or recommend them to others. Some other companies, not so much.....
  7. ronp

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    Call them at this number and see what they say.

    PM me what happens.

    Be patient as the big smoke weekend caused me some wait time yesterday.

    Good luck.
  8. placebo

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    To the OP, I have to ask the obvious question here. Does smoke come out of the top vent when you are smoking? If so, how thick is it and for how long does it flow before you add more chips/chunks?
  9. Try starting with lit lump and use chunked hickory which you can get at wally world. Control the heat with the intake vents and close your output vent half way. Add more hickory every 2 hours for longer smokes.
    I used to soak chunks but stopped this process because it's not recommended by Paul Kirk or Dr. BBQ.

  10. davenh

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    I like a stronger smoke flavor. I usually will toss a chunk in every 30 min or so. Usually go with hickory for pork, hickory and mesquite for beef, and hickory and cherry (sometimes add in a little pecan) for poultry [​IMG].

    For charcoal..I dump in 4 briquettes when starting it up, then one briquette every hour after.
  11. In reply to your question- I use about a cup of mesquite chips and that lasts about 20 minutes of smoke.. If I add more chips through the tube, they just sit on top of the black chips and dont smoke... I have to open the door and empty it every time...If I put a few "chunks" in, just the side on the bottom turns black and they stop smoking also in about 20 minutes. The flexable piece of metal I have RIGHT below the element and above the bars...It seems I'm doing something wrong, guys-thanks a million for your patience and any suggestions. You guys ROCK!
  12. davenh

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    I believe the metal flap goes below the bar, not in between the bars and element. I'll have to check mine. Maybe it is resting against the element and acting like a heatsink.

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