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  1. Good morning everyone!

    I love the site so far. My wife and I recently bought a 30" MES with digital temp/timer.

    We take to heart what King Solomon said, "There is nothing better than to eat, drink, and be happy."

    We are trying to learn this smoking deal so we can provide our friends and family with some amazing food every week. We are also big time hunters and smoked wild game just tastes so great.

    So far I have smoked: brisket, pheasant, venison, baby back ribs, country style ribs, and venison jerky. All were great tasting, some were overlooked. I desperately need a digital meat thermometer.

    I welcome all suggestions / input!

    Looking forward to this highly addicting world of "smoking." Oh and where I am from in Northern California, the temp averages well above 100 degrees spring -- fall with a lot of 115 degree days. It's hot and dry.
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    Welcome to the board! Sounds pretty wild around there. Look around for game in the Recipes section - or post some of your own.
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum, glad you joined up

    Gary S
  4. Thanks for the welcome.  I will definitely have to check out the game recipes. 
  5. Welcome from the Modesto area. Good to see more Nor Cal folks on here. What part of Northern California are you from? Definitely sounds like Valley weather.
  6. MJ...I live way up there in Shasta County (Redding, CA). I think we are pretty much the start of the valley. I used to live down in Tracy for awhile. I definitely miss being that close to Bass Pro Shop; I could probably live in that place.

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