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Discussion in 'Canning' started by magnum3672, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. This year my GF and I are looking to do some pickling.  Neither of us have had any experience with pickling so we're looking for a good resource or recipe to get us started.  Small batches are preferable because we're looking to do some experimenting of our own before we get to summer and we try to grow our own pickling cucumbers.

    Thanks for the assist!
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    Magnum, morning....  Here is the USDA guide to pickling....  Just like curing meats, there are rules that need to be followed to insure a safe product for family and friends...  Probably the most important of these rules is the amount of acidity in the product... the acidity insures bacteria cannot survive.... and sanitation is a must also..... Pickling is a great way to make different flavor profiles and enjoy foods that other methods can't come close to....

    I pickle foods from fish to vegetables.... salmon, herring, beets, asparagus, pickles, beans, cukes/onions combo for a salad.... we even throw in a few hot peppers and garlic cloves for zing in a few jars..... 

    The combos are endless.... One other important factor in pickling is the water you dilute your vinegar with.....  Some hard waters and soft water can impart a funky flavor to the brine/pickle.....  I try to use distilled water.... I get it at W-M for about 80 cents a gallon... It is a consistent product that will make for consistent tasting foods.... 

    I would start out using the approved pickling recipes and learn about different flavors in small batches as you previously mentioned and then start tweaking the recipes for your personal tastes...   Good luck... take pictures of you efforts for all to enjoy on the forum...  and share a favorite recipe or two.... we are all here for the learning experience and enjoying new taste treats...    Dave
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    Take a look into fermenting instead of using vinegar. I am not a canning expert by any stretch of the imagination but I much prefer the flavors of fermented food to vinegar pickled food. This is a good place to get started:
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    Many county extension offices are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to canning and many even over hands on classes.

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