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  1. Well, the first attempt, chicken breasts from the book-less the Rosemary and swapping black for cyan pepper, came out great but a bit too dry[i went at 240] and a bit too smokey[ perhaps one less loads of chips-MES-Apple]. Next time at 225 for 2 hrs and just one load of chips.  THe beast  is running out back now.  I was at the Kitchen Collection and they had the Presto Jerkey Gun on sale for 9.98 so how wrong could I go?  I mixed up 2 lbs. of ground 80/20 that were in the freezer- its what I had- with their classic mix [came with 5 sets of mix at a pond of meat ea so.... added about a tablespoon of Worchestershire to the first lb and some Soy to the other..  I fried up the remains into 2 sliders-Yum.  I have it fired off for 6 hrs at 160 and I'll check it at 4 hrs or so.   We'll see how it goes....

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