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  1. Hi all,
    my name is Mike I am from St louis. I love smoking on my Weber Smokey Mountain. Today marks my first smoke of the 2015 campaign, its a brisket(My first one). I have had good luck with ribs and pork shoulders, so I hope this turns out well. Like others I am freaking out bc my temp in the meat has soared. My weber is shooting high on temp (it's a windy day) around 300 (probably 350 around the meat) yikes. Well wish me luck. Thanks again
  2. iggythump

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    How did the brisket turn out?  Any pics of the smoke??

  3. valleypoboy

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    StlMike, what recipe do you use for your ribs and pork butt? I too make pretty amazing ribs following the best ribs in the universe recipe (though I 1/2 the amount of Cumin) and both friends and family can't seem to get enough of my pulled pork. It's a secret recipe of my own... just kidding. I follow the Renowned Mr. Brown recipe, but just use Pappy's pork rub instead of the recommended dry rub.

    I've ruined a brisket twice. The fat was like a soft gummy bear, leading me to believe I removed it too early but the meat was dry, leading me to believe I removed the meat too late. I'm not sure what I did wrong.

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