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    Howdy fellow smokers

    Please forgive me if this has been spoken about, but I've tried the search here cannot find the answer.

    At a 2 hour per lb (safe estimate) cook time. A 6 lb pork shoulder would take 12 hours (I make that statement with the understanding different cuts of meat cook differently). But would 2 3lb pork shoulders (or the same 6lb shoulder cut in half) cook in 6 hours or would it still take 12 hours?

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    They would take approximately 6 hours.
  3. I agree. It should take roughly half the time, but the internal temp is the key. The time will vary for each piece of meat and the temp at which you cook them. IT should be around 185 for slicing and 205 for pulling. Each piece of meat will do its own thing so measure them both. I can't take credit for this info though. I have been having problems lately and lots of friendly people have been giving me tips.

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    Less cooking surface is less cooking time.
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  5. Yup....roughly half the time. I would put a thermometer in the meat though. Then you can tell us how long it took.......[​IMG]
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    Thanks all for the info! There will be QView and numbers!


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