Non cured wild Ham help needed

Discussion in 'Pork' started by delarosa74868, Nov 13, 2011.

  1.  My friend asked if I'd smoker her hams today for their thanksgiving dinner.  I told her I would, they just dropped them off and come to find out, they are hind legs off a wild boar.  Fresh too, not cured.  Now what the heck do I do? Cook them like a pork butt, not gonna be a ham like they expect. As for temp, 160?

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    PM Pop's for his ham curing recipe. Or maybe he will see this & comment.
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    Explain to the friend that these will come out like butts and not ham as they are not cured . No way i'd try to start a ham cure 10 days b4 thanksgiving.

     Cook just like butts.
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    I'm no expert on the curing process but I'm with Bob on this one.

    There's no time to cure for hams.
  6. That is what I told them.  They didn't seem to mind.  They promised to bring me a whole wild hog for smoking their "hams" for them too!
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    Good looking meat for wild porkers! Maybe just fry an offcut fresh to get a handle on taste difference from farmed. No experience with hams  but just think brining will take some of the funkiness out of it.  Particularly for boar? Still take the good advice & do them as butts . I have had chingale (wild pig) in Italy ,long soak in red wine almost always the starting point but they dont roast a lot it more ragu or salami or prosciutto .Good luck.

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