No rubs or spice?

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  1. Does anyone not use rubs or other sauces, mops, marinades or other spices? I'm new to smoking in a smoker and haven't even received my smoker yet (should be here by Monday). I have been grilling for years and a lot of that is with indirect heat and wood chips in a smoker box. I have been reading a lot on the forum and got Jeff's book and e-course and there is a heavy emphasis on rubs and other spices. I thought that part of the advantage of low and slow smoking was to let the smoke flavor the meat. I know the rubs and spices can enhance that...but do any of you just let the smoke on a quality piece of meat provide all the flavor you need?
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    There are quite a few that only use SPOG.  (salt, pepper, onion powder/salt and garlic powder/salt)

    I have tried that and it's actually good!

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    The smoke will add flavor, and many feel that it adds a "saltiness" that seasons the meat as well. I can't remember if I've done anything completely without seasonings, but I know I've done poultry with just salt and really enjoyed the result. Give it a whirl and see how you like the results. Chicken legs are pretty cheap and a good, easy meat to learn on. Most importantly though, let us know how it turns out!! You might be a trend setter. In a few months, "Kranders Naked Chicken" might be the hottest thing!
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    BBQ is a state of mind, it's a personal preference, you do what you and those that enjoy your food like.  Myself, I prefer food with pizazz, slap you in the face flavor, but some like to keep it simple.  That's part of what makes Q great, there is no one "right" way to 
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    I actually recommend a minimalistic approach to smoking when first beginning. AND your type smoker has alot to do with where you can go from there. If you start out with the basics you more understand what each different modifier you try does to the meat, marinate, brine's, foils, injections, woods, rub, sauce, liquid tray, fresh herbs, spritzes, etc etc etc .......

    There are a few Guru's that always preach its just about the smoke. That's a great place to master first, then when you get the adventurous itch (and you will), you try some of the things you have seen here. Each person has their own suggestions, no two are exactly the same. So you'll get a broad base spectrum of tried way to modify your finial smoke.

    Rubs though are pretty much a no-brainer. See yes it does add a bit of flavor, but in most cases it also allows the meat to preform an encapsulation process to help with the moisture retention while achieving that tenderness that we are all doing low and slow to achieve.

    LOL... as to the smokers abilities, if you do not have an electric smoker, I will not bore you with the differences. If you are electric know that the best thing you can do is keep that door shut, 10 times more important that with a fire burner. That limits your options with electric smoke, but you don't need as many either.

    Remember that no matter what your chosen  ideal smoke is, you will always find someone here that will agree and has practical information about it they will gladly share. Best place to look first is the search engine, then open a dialog here. 
  6. Thanks for all the great input. I usually do use SPOG when I grill...I never knew it had an acronymn until I came here!! :)I will definately get busy experimenting soon!!

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