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    After convincing my wife that some folks here would appreciate her cooking talents as well as myself, she wrote down her previously un-written/unpublished recipe from memory for me so I could post it. She first told me, if I tell you I'd have to kill! She takes pride in her accomplishments like the rest of us. She began to develop this about 15 or more years ago, so it has stood the test of time. Hope you enjoy it!

    Chicken and Rice
    Ingredients for a large pot (8-9 qt):
    Olive Oil, 2 Tbsp
    Chicken meat- 3 to 3-½ lbs, whole cut up fryer, breasts, thighs, or whatever you like
    Long Grain Rice- 1-¼ cup
    Chicken broth- 6 cans, or 2 boxes
    Cream of Chicken Soup- 1 to 2 cans, depending on desired thickness
    Chicken Bullion paste- 2 Tbsp
    Garlic cloves- 6, minced
    1 large onion, finely chopped
    Carrots, fresh- 5 to 6 medium/large, medium diced
    Celery stalks- 5, medium diced
    Italian Parsley, fresh- 3 Tbsp, fine chopped
    Italian Seasoning- 1 Tbsp
    Lemon Pepper Seasoning- 1 Tbsp
    Lawry’s Seasoning Salt- 1 Tbsp
    Bay leaf, whole- 4
    Celery Salt- 1 Tbsp
    Black Pepper, freshly cracked, or 5 pepper blend is good- 4 grinds (twists)

    Optional Ingredients:
    Heavy Cream- 1-½ cups
    Parmesan Cheese, grated- ½ cup

    Note: this dish freezes well, so don’t be afraid to make more than you will eat.

    The Process:
    Preheat a large kettle over med/high burner, add olive oil and place chicken in to sear all sides. Salt and pepper all sides as you are browning the meat. Add chicken broth, cover loosely and reduce heat as needed to maintain a low simmer. Prepare the garlic and vegetables. Add seasonings, bullion, onion, carrots, celery and Bay leaves to pot. When chicken is fork tender, remove the meat onto a platter to cool enough for hand cutting. Remove Bay leaves from pot. Increase heat slightly until slow boil begins, add rice and cream of chicken soup, stirring to break-up canned soup and cover loosely. Reduce heat again as needed to maintain low simmer. Cut chicken into bite size pieces and add back to pot. If desired, add the optional cream and parmesan after rice is tender. Ready to serve when rice is done.

    We serve it hot as a complete meal, or, it could be a hearty side item as well. If the recipe seems to have too much salt for you, I'm sure that some of the salted seasons can be substituted with no salt items, or ommitted.

    This will serve 8+ as a meal. We always have leftovers, as it is quite filling. If you decide to freeze it, you can thaw/reheat in a sauce pan on med/low heat, or fridge thaw prior to reheating.


  2. fire it up

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    Sounds good. Interesting blend of spices, will definitely have to give this a try.
    Tell your wife thanks for sharing her recipe with us.
  3. pineywoods

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    Eric thank you and your wife for sharing [​IMG]
  4. pops6927

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    Sounds delicious! Will have to give it a try; for just me and the wife tho will have to reduce it in half.
  5. bassman

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    I'm with Pops on this one as far as quantity. Have you ever tried freezing the leftovers? The recipe sounds great but there are only the two of us.
  6. forluvofsmoke

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    Yes, it freezes fine, in regular baggies, tupperware, whatever you have...We cook for 7+, (sometimes a few kid's friend are over for dinner, etc), and we always have some leftovers with all means, freeze away!

    Hope you like it!

  7. mulepackin

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    Sound great. Thanks for posting.
  8. cman95

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    Man did I miss this. Sounds great and I luv chix and rice. This will be given a go when I get back home. Tell the wifey THANX!!!!

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