No-Knead Bread on the Stone

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  1. So Yesterday  before I headed to work, I mixed up the fairly standard and well known No-Knead Bread.

    I used about 25% Whole Wheat/75% Bread Flour and a hand full of Oats (Quaker) and let it go.

    I was going to Dutch Oven it on the Grill, but decided to get brave (stupid?) and try it on the stone...

    Shaping it was a challenge, but I think it did pretty well

    On The Stone @ 450-475

    15 Minutes Into it

    35 Minutes Later

    Time For Lunch!

    You have to dig that funky shape.. its "Artisan" ;)
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  2. shtrdave

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    That looks great, some homemade salty butter and maybe a bit of strawberry or grape jam, and you would be set for the evening.
    That is a heck of a stone you have there, what is it or was it before it became your grill accessory?
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    Looks great. Make it all the time in the DO! I like to substitute a 1/4 cup of the liquid with Fire Water, ads a bit of a kick!!!
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    I would really like a slice of that!

  5. Oh!, You noticed my grill Pizza "Slab"?

    That is a 15.5" Kiln Shelf

    I think it cost me around $25 at a Ceramics Supply Shop about 6 years ago...

    I got it after I cracked a couple of the "Pizza Stone" that you see in stores

    The Rectangles are Kiln Posts, 4x2x2

    I also modified my grill by closing off 95% of gap in the back between the Fire Box and the Lid with some stainless steel sheet. It helps keep the temps consistent with the wind
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