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Discussion in 'Pork' started by dalmorloson, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. I got a request for pulled pork for a party tomorrow. Here's the rub (couldn't resist), I don't have time to do a butt or two. Is there another cut of meat that is smaller and cooks in a shorter amount of time?
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    A smaller butt maybe. You really don't have many pork products that are going to pull and smoke in a shorter time. It looks like you have an alnighter on your hands. That is always an option for you.
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    Um... if your smoker runs steady enough do the pork butt overnight. Once it is done you have two choices 1) wrap in two layers of heavy foil, and then put them in a cooler lined with old towels and towels on top to fill the dead space. They will hold temp in a cooler for 5-7 hrs. no problem (still be to hot to work with bare hands). If you cooler them that long though pull the butts off when they hit an internal temp of 195°, then the cary over cooking won't turn them mushy. 2) Second option is to smoke them this evening for 4 or 5 hrs., then wrap in foil and toss into a 225-250° oven. After that same scenario for cooler time/technique.

    If you still don't think you can do pork butt, I would suggest doing some 3-4 lb chuckies (chuck roast). They usually cook in about 6 hrs. or so. Same technique as pork butts, take to 165°, foil w/liquid, take to 185-190 for slicing or 195-205 for shredding.
  4. Didn't want to do an all nighter as I will be at the party till late tmrw. When you say chuck roasts, are you talking beef? I'm open to a 6 or 7 hr smoke as opposed to the 15 it usually takes me to do butts
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    Yup... beef! [​IMG]  They are really good, just season them like you would if you were grilling a steak, and when you shred them add the de-fatted juices back in to help keep it moist.

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