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    The No Bull Smoker.
    I started this 2 years ago and been busy. Its a 1952 Crosley fridge kegerator turned smoker, stripped out, lined with aluminum diamond plate and been using a little chief burner base for cold fish smoking. I am getting ready to add a 2,000 watt electric burner and all the electrical fixins. I will update as I go along. if you wanna build one cheap and that will smoke from 80-500 degrees stay tuned. right now its stacked with racks because during pink season we yank em fresh outta the salt and smoke 10-20 at a time. and last, when its all done its getting a gloss black paint job and some hollowed out steer horns mounted on it for smoke stacks, i mean COME ON wouldnt that be a bad ass man toy to see smoke rollin out the tips of huge bull horns!

    so any who, i would like to add roughly a 2000 watt burner, but open to suggestions. i came up with 2000 but sheer genius, I GUESSED [​IMG] actually i looked up a large brinkman and since they are smaller and 1500, ya.... with my little chief burner i sit right at 110-120, perfect for salmon and its smoked a ton already. but id like to also hit 225-300 for birds, brisket, butts etc.

    so im lookin for burner options advice, controller / rheostat designs too if anyone has any. this will be the toy for the long aside from my longhorn coal burner.


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