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    Hello all my name is Darrick and I am currently serving in the US Army.  I am fairly new to the smoking game and finally decided to jump in and get some knowledge.  I just recently purchased a 40" MES electric smoker as I have two twin boys who are completely rowdy. I hear the electric smokers are less time consuming so thats what I went with. It is hard for me because I strictly a charcoal griller.  My first project is going to be a 8lb Boston Butt (starting small and easy hopefully).  Any tips as to what is an absolute must when it comes to smoking i.e. flavors, time, wood chips etc. Any help would be appreciated and I look forward to enjoying my time in the forum. 
  2. Hello Darrick, good morning and welcome from East Texas, Thank you for your service, Check Bearcarver  he uses an electric and turn out great stuff, he alo has a "step by step" on just about anything you are wanting to smoke.

    Gary S
  3. Welcome to the group. Your smoker is from what I hear is a good one. I'm a charcoal/stick burner myself, but that's what I like. Temp is much easier to maintain in yours. For flavor you can add apple or cherry woods works well with pork. You can try adding apple juice to the water pan. Finish temp is the big thing, if you plan to pull it you need it to get to 200 degrees. Just start with a good rub and @225 pit temp and a temp probe helps. Good luck and keep smoking.

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