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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by mavrick487, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. Hello all!

    Just joined SMF today after the last two days of reading some of the different threads via google for smoking help.

    I'm currently located in Champaign, IL USA and just started in the wonderful world of smoking!  I've had some experience several years back in college, but back then I was more of a drink beer and observe and enjoy the fruits of somebody else's labor :)

    Just recently received a smoker as a wedding shower present.  My fiance is a vegetarian so guess who registered for a smoker! (Haven't had the chance to look yet, but are there threads on smoking veggies?)  It's nothing fancy just your big box store CharBroil offset smoker.  I've been debating for years now about getting a smoker but never took the plunge do to the fact of having to smoke lots of meat or waste lots of fuel for small amounts for just myself.  But alas, I found a wedding registry where you would register for one and worse case scenario if we didn't get it we would get 30% to buy it ourselves after the wedding.  So, I was set I was getting my smoker!  Yes, I've read reviews and seen comments warning to stay away from the "cheapo" smokers out there, but for my first foray into the craft I didn't want something huge and expensive but, something reasonable to start out and perfect the craft before going all out! :)

    I've currently added a home made charcoal box and retro fitted a heat deflector to even out temps on both sides of the cook chamber, thanks to what I've read here.  Had a hell of a time trying to keep fire to season it, but after the mods works like a dream.  Based on what I've read I plan on next extending the chimney down to grate level to also help even/hold temps?

    I also have a propane grill and your standard charcoal kettle.  So, not new to the world of grilling and BBQ just to the world of low and slow smoke!

    Besides that I'm just your average beer drinking, meat and potato eating kinda guy.

    Sorry for the long winded post, post I was asked to post in the Roll Call thread so you all can get to know me just a bit.
  2. s2k9k

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    :welcome1: to SMF!!! We're happy you found us! You've come to the right place, we have over 50,000 members who just love to share their experience and over 1,000,000 posts describing it! Yea that’s right over 1,000,000!

    The search bar at the top can be your best friend when you are trying to find answers to your questions but you can still ask too if you want!

    We have an Articles section that is full of great information about smoking to include a lot of recipes and instructionals. Check it out there is a lot to learn in there!

    You might want to check out Jeff's Free 5 day E-Course, it will teach you all the basics plus a whole lot more!
  3. Sad, only one response to my first post and its an auto post?
  4. s2k9k

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    That's not an auto post, it's just my standard greeting!
  5. Sorry!  Just assumed, as I seen that post on most all of the "Roll Call" posts.  Didn't mean anything by it.
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    Welcome to the forums! Try to be patient with us, there will be others along to give you a welcome in time. There are lots of knowledgeable folks here really enjoy helping one another. When you need help, just ask...and try to give us a little time to respond.

  7. s2k9k

    s2k9k AMNPS Test Group

    It's all good!
  8. Now I feel bad, wasn't implying anyone was slow to respond.  Just a member of other forums where they are way to quick to respond.  Besides I was just antsy, I was tending fire to my first pork shoulder and had about 8 hours to kill and was next to the fire with my lap top reading through all these helpful threads!
  9. seenred

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    No worries mavrick!  How did your pork shoulder turn out?  Don't forget, we love qview!

  10. kathrynn

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    [​IMG]to SMF!  We are so glad you joined us! Gotta show off that q-view!  Need to make us drool!

    If you didn't read the "Terms of Service" notes.....please do.  There are a few things that everyone should know about those pesky little rules before plunging into the forums and some guidelines of how to interact within the forums. Off site links are not allowed here at SMF per Jeff in Rule #11.

    If you need any help roaming around the forums....just holler!  Happy to help out!

  11. The shoulder turned out great!  However I had a somewhat difficult time trying to pull it, got frustrated and just sliced it and ate it that way lol.  Not too shabby for my first smoke IMO.

    Next time I'll have to take pics and share with you guys.  I used apple wood with some hickory, an apple cider/brown sugar mix for the mop.  I also made an apple cider BBQ sauce the night before and used the apple pieces left over from cooking the sauce and reconstituted it with some cider and use that as an overnight marinade!  Not as mouth watering as pictures, sorry. :)

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