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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by bloosmoke, May 13, 2013.

  1. After doing my 'homework' here in the forums and some separate reading, in a book recently purchased, I started my first batch of fresh sweet Italian sausage, destined for casings.  (I have made fresh breakfast sausage before, but never in casings.)

    I needed a recipe that wasn't too heavy on fennel, caraway or anise - none of which my household is fond of - but are the main flavors of a good many Italian sausage recipes.  I found one in the book, but made a slight adjustment to the spices, and set forth to conquer another one of my kitchen challenges.

    This batch called for only 2.5 lbs of ground pork - the perfect size for my first trial.

    Meltdown #1 avoided:  I emptied the package of salt-packed casings onto a plate to start the search for an end.  Grumbling menacingly, as I groped through the tangle for about three minutes, I discovered there was actually two pieces in the package. Yay!  Once rinsed and stretched out, the small tangle was just about the right length for what I needed.  I guess I was silently happy my hank was actually two.

    Meltdown #2 avoided:  Several rinsings and a soak later, I set out to send water through one of the ends to rinse out the inside.  That was all fine and good, but I couldn't actually get the end [I started with] to open up to get the water to run though it.  What the???  I thought to myself:  This shouldn't be this difficult - why am I fighting this so much?  After another moment, I realized the end I was handling was actually kind of ripped and a bit ragged, and that's why I couldn't get a good opening.  Go to the other end.  Ah-ha!  Much easier.

    Using the sausage stuffing attachment for my Kitchenaid, I cautiously moved forward - slowly and patiently. It was an almost nerve-wrecking 15 minutes.  I finished without any blowouts or incident.  Yay me!

    What the "S" view doesn't show you, is my newb start, which was easily remedied with a pair of kitchen scissors and a new knot.  No one -really- has to know.  [​IMG]

    After the picture, I actually tied off one more link, and detached it from the rest.  The links will be given to my boss - the rest will be cooked for dinner on Monday night.

    Whew!  It can only get easier from here.... right???  [​IMG]
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  2. so ms smoker

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      Yes BlooSmoke, it only gets easier! Now that you have dealt with the casings, you know what to expect. With fresh sausage you are free to try any seasonings you may like. Do a pound or two at a time and find the combinations that you prefer! Or try some of these ideas.

      OK then click on the bar for receipes.

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  3. boykjo

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    Sausage looks great............[​IMG]        Looks like a vertical stuffer is in your future........ it will make your sausage experience much easier..
  4. reinhard

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    I agree with getting at least a 5 pound verticle stuffer. Sometimes the ends of casings are uneven, ragged, or just hard to get at the opening. Not often but sometimes. If this happens, rather than get frustrated just take the bad end and cut about an inch off evenly and you should be able to open that end easier for the flushing and attaching onto the stuffing tube. Reinhard
  5. Vertical stuffer is the answer. Also get a hand with stuffing husband ,son or daughter. My son been helping since he was 10 he'll be 25 in a month. I got started by giving a freind a hand once in '89 we've been at it since.

    Thanks Leroy
  6. I do think a vertical stuffer is in the cards, but I have to make sure this is something I will definitely stick with, as storage space is at a premium.  I'm not big on "single taskers" but as I venture forth, I think my small appliances will have to get culled, so I can make space for a stuffer.

    Note to self:  Clean out pantry to make space for sausage stuffer, during your time off work in two weeks. 

    I know the smaller vertical stuffers hold about 5 lbs at a time.  Do you have any recommendations for something a bit smaller/more manageable for a beginner?  I believe I read something about the horizontal ones... with a lever?  *scratches head and tries to remember*

    I do very much appreciate all the kind words of encouragement!  I think I can... I think I can...  [​IMG]
  7. Your thinking of the sausage horn 3-5 lbs. They work ok. Freind of mine still uses his dad's old one when he makes small batches.

    Thanks Leroy
  8. Yeah!  That's it!  Thanks, Leroy!
  9. My first vertical stuffer is ordered:  Grizzly 5#.

    Now... to decided which recipe to make next...  [​IMG]
  10. boykjo

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  11. Good for you!!! Welcome to the wonderfully addicting world of sausage making! Congrats on the new stuffer. That's some great looking sausage there. I've got a 5# LEM Stuffer and it is soooo much easier using it than trying to stuff from the grinder.
  12. Congrats..I remember my first vertical. Probaly because I still use it..11lb'er..Take care of it and you will have a happy long life with it..As for the next venture all I can suggest Mexican chorizo mmmmmmmmmm..Might grill some tonight

    Happy pressing

  13. daveomak

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    Lisa, evening and congrats on your first stuffed sausage.....   If you enjoyed making it, the vertical stuffer will put you into hog heaven.....  I couldn't get the KA to stuff sausage worth a darn... then I joined this site and my Brides kitchen is full of SMF recommendations for making stuff.. 5# Griz, Kitchener #12 grinder, (only because I broke the KA gearbox grinding meat for sausage), meat slicer (actually for bacon), Q-Matz from Todd for the smoker and dehydrator...  fermenting crock, etc.....   This forum is addicting....   sit back, relax, and enjoy the long smokey ride......  

  14. So funny that you mention the chorizo... I had actually tagged that one as one of the next possible recipes.  [​IMG]

    Now... I know that has to be it.
  15. Chorizo is one of my favorites to make/eat...My next is gonna be Portuguese lingiza (spelling incorrect)..Freind of mine introduced me to this..He got it from a butcher shop in Seattle..Wonderful stuff..

    Thanks Leroy
  16. chef willie

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    Lisa...just saw this and congrats on a happy first experience. Like you, I tried the KA stuffer ONCE and soon had the LEM 5#er in hand. I still use the KA for grinding as I make small batches, 5 pounds or less. I'm sure you have a Costco in Culver City...a good source of butts at a good price for sausage making. Speaking of Culver used to live there many moons ago on Canterbury. Have you been to the Tattle Tale Lounge?? CC's famous 'dive bar'....characters all but harmless I believe. Happy Trails and enjoy the sausage making.....Willie
  17. Congrats on your first batch.  I gave up on the KA to stuff.  For smaller batches (under 5 lbs) I use a jerky gun.  The canister holds about one pound of meat.  I work with three at a time and keep the rest of the meat in the fridge while I work.  The gun is perfect if you are working alone.
  18. Hi Willie!  We actually have one of the nation's busiest Costco's here in Culver City.  They are an excellent source of butts and boneless beef short ribs (for great burgers).  It's too bad they don't sell pork belly.  I go to a large Asian market in Gardena for the pork bellies.  I have not been to the Tattle Tale, but drive by it constantly (I'm near Jefferson and Inglewood Blvds) - they are truly and 'institution' in CC.
    Interesting... I would have never thought about a jerky gun for sausage stuffing.  Makes perfect sense.

    While I was in the middle of typing the above responses, the UPS guy showed up with my new Grizzly!  Yay!  Whoohoo!
  19. Happy stuffing.
  20. roller

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    Looks good your just getting started many good days ahead of you !

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