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    Hello, I am new to the world of smoking meat and would like to build my own concrete smoker.  I have seen many versions of these but wanted to get some advice on some questions I had about doing this. 

    - Does it matter if the fire area is offset or in where the meat will be?  I don't plan on doing cold smoking if that makes a difference. I plan on using the smoker to cook and smoke meat to eat soon after cooking.

    - What kind of base is best for the area where the fire will be?  I have seen ones that use fire bricks, concrete pad, sand, dirt, etc.

    - Is a chimney necessary for excess smoke venting, or is a hole/holes in the concrete wall enough for ventilation and air flow?  I have seen some that have chimneys and some that don't.

    - I was not planning on using mortar on the concrete blocks so that I can replace ones that crack - will there be enough insulation without mortar?

    - for metal parts like the grate and the top, what kind of metal works best in terms of food safety?

    I appreciate any input from members, and thank you in advance for your answers.
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    smokedad let me say  [​IMG] I'm not much help to you on this but I like your idea and the fact that you are keeping food safety in mind. Hope you get the replies and help that you need and that you have some great smoked food in the future.


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