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    Hello Everyone-

    I have wanted a smoker for years but never pulled the trigger. This Father's Day my wife and children surprised me with a new pellet smoker. Best Fathers day present ever. So far I've tried chickens, burgers, pork tenderloin and salmon with good results. I'm ready to take on ribs. I live in the Midwest but I prefer a dry rib (Memphis style)with a little snap to it. I am not a big fan of "fall off the bone" as I find the meat can be too soft and mushy. I know there are many experienced members in this forum that are ready and willing to help people like me with techniques and tips. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    If you're cooking baby back ribs, put them in at 250-275* and smoke them uncovered for about 3 hours, then check for a decent bend. If the bend is at least 45*, sauce/glaze the ribs twice for 15 minutes each. Take them off and rest for 30 minutes. Slice and serve.

    I never use any foil. Wrapping can lead to mushy, over cooked ribs.

    Good luck and good smokin', Joe. :grilling_smilie:
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    [​IMG]   to SMF!

    Glad to have you with us!

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    Welcome to SMF. Look around the boards. Plenty of good ideas.

    I like a low, slow cook without wrapping, running the smoker at around 160 for about 4-5 hrs or until the ribs pass the bend test.

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