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  1. Hey guys, new here, new to smoking, just got an electric smoker heard it was easyest to get started on that especially in north er Ohio with crazy weather at any time of year or day. Was wondering if anyone has any experience using pelets in a master built electric smoker over wood chips or maybe a mix of the two. Can it be done? Is it good or bad? Thanks all.
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    Welcome to the site CB.  Best luck on your smoking adventure, too.

    There are a lot of folks here using electric smokers.  Someone should come around to answer your question about the pellets and chips soon.

    If you don't get the answers you need soon you might try posting your question on the electric smoker page.
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    [​IMG]  to SMF!

    Glad you decided to join us!

    I have used pellets in my MES & they work fine.

  4. gearjammer

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    Welcome CB, don't know about the MES.

    However in my homemade electric I use the Amazen AMNPS 

    and pellets all the time.

    For a real answer try what OEJ said.

    Those folks will be able to give you

    the answer.

    Keep on smokin'                   Ed

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