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    I live in Duncanville, TX a suburb of Dallas TX. I am 78 years old and still learning. That is if I can remember what I learned. I have a Masterbuilt 30 inch Smoker that I've had since January 11, 2013. I have monitored Jeff Phillips and Masterbuilt news letters for years. Smoking foods to their recipes, I still have serous problems with things drying out. I have smoked Turkey, Chicken, Beef ribs and brisket, Beef jerky, Pork ribs, salmon, and some vegetables. Temperature has been checked with different thermometers and found to be accurate,  Almost all of the above items were Smoked at 210 to 225 degrees. I think I'm following directions to the letter but still end up with more dry food than perfect. I have reviewed a lot of the earlier forum posts dealing with dried out food and have tried to check and do things suggested there. Other than wrapping in foil about half way through the process nothing seems to be helping much. The best results have been when I did a heavy smoke for one to two hours and then removed the product from the smoker and wrapped in foil and finished in oven at 225. The fact that it works better in my house oven than the smoker makes me think temperature.  I'm here now still looking for answers. 
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    Welcome to the site GW.  Are you using a thermometer probe in you meat as well as the smoke chamber?  Are you checking done-ness by probing the meat,  (Where appropriate)?

    We may need more information on your individual projects in order to better advise.
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    Welcome from SC. You are very special to me. I like finding guy who are older than me (70). This is a great site with lots of folks who are always eager to share their ideas and tips. All you have to do is ask and keep on reading. I, also, think that some of your problem may be IT. Do you have a Maverick or some way to monitor your meat temp? To me, everything I'm hearing so far, sounds like your meat is overdone. Let us know how you come out.

    Good luck and keep on smokin', Joe
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    A Texas howdy to you GW.

     There could be a number of issues causing your meats to dry. As one eyed jack mentioned a good quality thermometer is essential.  You did mention you're cooking at 225 so I assume you have some sort  of thermometer.
    • What kind of smoker are you using?
    • What kind of thermometer are you using for your smoker temps?  
    • What kind of thermometer are you using to check the internal temps of your meat? 
    Give us more detail when you have the time. 


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