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  1. mingonianbbq

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    Just saying HI. trying to get all info needed before cutting into 3'x6' tank for RF smoker. Great site!!!
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  2. I like smoker builds

  3. one eyed jack

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    Welcome to the site.  Best luck with your smoker build.  Post up pictures of your project.
  4. iggythump

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    Sounds like an excellent build, I hope to start a RF someday but for now I'm just enjoying my freshly finished Mini WSM.  Welcome to the forum, lots of great advice and better people.  Good luck, my friend.
  5. mingonianbbq

    mingonianbbq Fire Starter

    Thx all , will load up pics after weekend, converting CL home made cycle trailer to mount smoker on. Had to extend it and redo the hitch.
  6. one eyed jack

    one eyed jack Master of the Pit

    [​IMG]   On standby for pic's.
  7. iggythump

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  8. joe black

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    I am just one notch above a newbie and I can't even spell 3x6 RF tank. I wish you all the luck in your build. This is absolutely the greatest place that you could be. Everyone here is very knowledgable and always eager to help. I read through a 10 page thread today that was several years old. A guy was building a RF smoker and was documenting every step and covering every step with pics. He got assistance from a lot of folks and the entire build was most interesting. I don't have the equipment nor the skills to ever attempt a build, but I could not stop reading. You will get all of the help that you could ever need.

    Good welding and good smoking. Please send lots of pics. Joe
  9. [​IMG]

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