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  1. I'm George 52 yrs young.I live in Westerville, Ohio.I have smoked several briskets and fresh hams.I use a Brinkman Smoker or my 435 in. Square grill.Last July I cooked a 150 lb. whole Hog on a borrowed homemade smoker with rotisserie.Doing it again this July. Now I want to build my own.I have a friend with a fab.Shop.I plan on getting materials thru out the summer and do build over the winter.I'm going to start with 275 gal.fuel oil tank.I'm also new to smartphone and web.Not even sure how I found this site but glad I did started reading about other builds and liked all the info being put out there.I believe that I can get the help that I need here. THNX G
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum. Looking forward to seeing your build

    Gary S
  3. Thanks Gary I talked to my friend with the fab. Shop yesterday and discussed my plan with him.He said that he had been wanting to a smoker all so and that he already has two tanks at his shop.So it looks like the build will start sooner than I thought. Feeling Happy
  4. I'm looking at single wave runner trailers to use.Any thoughts?
  5. My first sketch of buid.Keeping it simple.
  6. Geo,
    Welcome to the forum fellow buckeye. Had a look at your design! I like what I see. I have been cooking whole hogs on a rotisserie roaster since I was a kid with my father. I still remember when he brought home his first roaster. I can still remember those early mornings getting out of bed and the fires would be hot and the pig on. Anyway my dads roaster was very similar. I would definitely go with 2 stacks on the lid. With roasting whole hogs the circulation is important. My biggest piece of advice would be don't skimp on the spit, we are still roasting with our first stainless spit and it's probably going on 20 years. I would also go stainless on the cage. I know our biggest trouble with it starting out was also getting the speeds right with the sprocket and we used a couple motors with cheaper bearings that we tore up when the pig got a little hung up! Please keep me posted on your build would love to see the finished product!

  7. Thanks for the feedback Chubbz.I do plan on using stainless and I'm going to use a rotisserie from Spit jack.My friend sent dementions and the tanks are 60 inches long I was hoping for 67 so I can use 72 inch. Spit.I found a 300 6' maybe put mount on inside on one side?
  8. Ours has the spit pivot on the inside then the motored shocked on the outside up toward the actual hitch . Ill try and get some pictures to maybe give u some ideas
  9. THNX, I'm going to wait and measure the hog.If I can fit the 150 lb porker into the 60" tank I'll use it.It's free. The guy with the 300 gal.tank is asking $75.

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