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  1. jyoungblood66

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    Just picked up a Cookshack Smokette model 008 on a trading site for 50$. I'm ready to smoke some meat. What should I try first?
  2. seenred

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    Nice score!  Congrats on that bargain...those Cookshacks are very nice rigs.  Throw a pork butt in there...or a chicken...or some ribs...heck its all good!

  3. lancer

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    Welcome to the site.  I have a Smokette that I got from CL for $50 or $60 (who remembers these things after a while?) and it has been a nice addition to the fleet.  I particularly like it for smoking when I don't want to fuss over a stick burner.

    You could do a lot worse than follow Red's advice and toss in a pork butt.  Another favorite here at our place is Cornish Game Hems (brine them for an hour or so first).

    Line the bottom of the unit with foil and poke a hole through the foil at the drain hole.  Then wrap the lid of the chip box with foil.  The foil makes clean up really fast.  Add a drip pan under the unit and you're ready to load it up.

    Put a bit of wood chips in the smoke box.  Cookshack recommends an ounce for every ten pounds of meat but I prefer more than that. 

    You can download the user manual at Cookshack's site.

    Good luck.


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