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    hello everyone this is the first forum first thread and never smoked. Love the taste of smoke. Looking to get my first smoker and have 3 that I am looking at.  Two of them are charcoal and 1 is propane.  the brinkman trailmaster weber smokey mountain and the masterbuilt extra wide. Like the idea of the propane because of the ease of use and the size of the smoker.  I know with simple mods all these smokers would be excellent ones especially for there price.  Being on the disability list and on a fixed income price does matter so what do u guys think I'm leaning toward the master built.  Help is needed for which one I get so please help me out..  Thanks
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    Hello Phil and [​IMG]to SMF - Glad to have you here 

    I have requested that the Admin team move your post to Roll Call so we can give you a welcome and help with the smoker question - more detail would help us steer you in the right direction

    Please do us a favor and update your profile with your location 
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    Why not include on your list a MES30, electric smoker. and welcome to the site. I too am on a fix income from a disability
  4. Good morning Phil and welcome to SMF! I have the MES 40 and love it. Of course it's electric but it doesn't get any easier than this.
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    Welcome Phil to SMF!
  6. Welcome to SMF.......[​IMG]
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    Hi philc!

        I have a propane smoker, and I like how easy it is to start and maintain temperature. A bag of wood chunks or chips is easy to store, and I often swap my propane tank from my grill to smoker if needed. Whatever you choose, Happy Smoking!  Everyone here is great and has lots of helpful information!

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