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    Ok first off a little about me and my situation. Names Brandon and i have been reading very helpful advice on here for a few weeks now. 2 wks ago i woke up and told my wife i wanted a smoker, nothing expensive and fancy just something to get me by. So I got my smoker and she got some patio furniture (only way i could make it happen lol) the smoker i bought was a cheapy char-broil vertical gas smoker. its done me good so far. The first day i had it i put it together and smoked a small whole chicken and it came out great. so last week I upped the ante and did a couple racks of ribs. I don't think i've ever had ribs that good. My wife was very happy with them too. 

    So here we are to this weekend and I'm really upping the ante for mothers day sunday. I'm gonna be smoking 4 racks of ribs and a brisket. Here comes some of my questions. The brisket is whole and im gonna need to cut it up to fit it on a rack or racks. The butcher told me to cut it length wise because of the meat fibers but itll be too long if i do it that way and i thought meat fibers only mattered when it was done cooking and you were serving it. also with all this meat my smoker will be pretty full is there such a thing as over filling your smoker? with the brisket cut up will it lower the cooker time? and lastly should i put the brisket or the ribs closer to the heat source?

    Thank you for your time

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    Brandon, morning and welcome to the forum....  What size brisket do you have ??  Is it the point or the flat or a whole brisket (about 14 #'s)  

    Briskets take a long time to cook, to get tender....  It will need to be on the smoker several hours before the ribs...  As far a cutting it up, I don't think it matters...  try to get uniform  thickness so thinner hunks can go on one grate and thicker on another...  You can always slice cross grain,  when it has been cooked, for tender eating.... 

    Please take a moment and stop into " /Roll Call/   " and introduce yourself and get a proper welcome from our members.... ..    

    We're glad you stopped in and joined our group...    Enjoy the long smokey ride....     Dave
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    Thank you for your reply dave. I very much appreciate all the help. Its a whole brisket and its 9.83lbs. so i figure ill cut the point off to where the flat will just fit on one of my grates and throw the point on its own grate and smoke it as well.  should the point be cooked to 180 as well? also anyone have a good rub for brisket that doesnt have cayenne in it, im cooking for people that mostly dont like spice.
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    Welcome to SMF!!!! Please swing by Role Call and introduce yourself for a proper welcome. Basically copy and paste your first paragraph....

    Yes you can cut your brisket either way, but usually if I need to I will cut mine across the middle the short distance. Now if your dealing with a full packer (has the point and flat both attached), the flat side will cook a bit faster then the fatter side. I would place the fatter piece on the top shelf and the thinner one just below it. This way the bottom one will get basted slightly by the side with most of the fat. I do trim mine to have only a 1/4" layer of fat. Some will trim all of it off and others will leave it all on, really up to you and what you prefer. Your brisket depending on its size will take any where from 1 - 2 hrs per pound. To test it you take a tooth pick or a probe and insert it into the meat and if it pull out with little or no resistance you are done. Let rest for at least 30 min before slicing. If it gets done a bit early you can wrap and hold in a cooler or you can place in an oven set at 170. The wrap and cooler method will give you a soft bark. Don't forget the carry over cooking if you get done real early. Your food will continue to cook as you hold it, so make adjustments accordingly.

    This is a link to a more detailed look at my brisket.

    I decided to change my brisket rub. I like more of a course rub on my beef cuts. Not to say I did not like my other rub from this cook (First Smoked Brisket). It worked out very well; I just wanted to try something new.

    Brisket Rub 2.0

    1/3c                       Kosher Salt

    3Tbl                        Course Ground Black Pepper

    2Tbl                        Minced Onion

    2Tbl                        Minced Garlic

    1Tbl                        Dried Oregano

    1/4c                       Lawry’s Seasoned Salt

    Yields approx. 1 ¼ cup

    Mix all ingredients in a bowl and rub into your beef. Adjust the amount of rub to your own taste for salt.

    I decided to try and adjust my Aus Jus recipe as well. The last one was great, loved it!!! I wanted to make it more of a broth more than a demi-glace style. I decided to go with this recipe (JarJar Aus Jus)

    Aus Jus  (can have some body to it)

    In a pan under the Beef in the smoker.

    2ea         Medium Onion (julienned)

    3ea         Carrots (sliced)

    2ea         Celery Ribs (sliced)

    15oz       Diced Tomatoes

    Reduce the wine on high for 2 minutes then add the Beef Broth.

    Place the smoked vegetables in a pot with rest of ingredients and simmer for 30 min...

    32oz       Beef Broth (low sodium)

    15oz       Red Wine

    1/2c        Worcestershire Sauce

    2ea         Bay Leaves (crumbled)

    1 1/2Tbl   Dried Parsley

    1/2tsp     Dried Thyme

    You can strain the vegetables out for a traditional Aus Jus or you can puree them and make into a sauce.

    I trimmed the brisket and left about ¼” cap on top. I rubbed the brisket with the rub and let rest about 20min on the counter while the smoker finished heating up. This ended up being a very interesting cook. I planned on keeping the smoker at 250 for the entire cook. I did not add my probe to the beef until 4hrs into the cook….

    For your ribs I would place them on the bottom shelves since they will be going in raw and the beef has started to cook. I do a 3:2:1 method. Depending on your cooker and the temp you use the times will need slight adjustments. I am not a fan of fall off the bone ribs, but I hate the tough ones even more. So I look for the bend test for mine. If I pick up the ribs from one end lengthwise with tongs going only about 1/2 the length. The rest should bend to about 45-60 degrees. Again you can also use the tooth pick test the same way as the brisket. Little or no resistance is what you want for the finished product.

    This link is a cook I did last summer using the Trigg method. It should explain it pretty well. Below is also my rub recipe. Now they both have a lot of sugar, so be careful with not going to high of temp on your cook, you could burn the sugars.

    This is what I am using now.....

    1c             Sugar in the Raw

    1/4c          Fine Ground Sea Salt

    4 1/2tsp    Granulated Garlic

    4 1/2tsp    Course Onion Powder

    2 1/4tsp    Celery Salt

    1 1/2tsp    Ground Oregano

    4 1/2tsp    Chili Powder

    4 1/2tsp    Fine Ground Black Pepper

    For some heat I would add 1tsp smoked chipotle powder. The boss does not like spicy food so I don't at home.

    This is enough for 2-3 butts or 2 shoulders or 6 racks of SL rib racks. Will vary on size and how much you apply.

    Mix all ingredients well and rub onto the meat generously..

    Here are some links of it being used:
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    Hi, Brandon, and welcome to the forums.  I would suggest cooking each cut of the brisket until its closer to 200* IT.  At 180*, its likely to still be kinda tough.  I usually cook brisket until IT 195*, then do a toothpick test every half hour until it slides in/out like butter.  That tells me its tender.  Wrap it and rest it in a cooler or warm oven for at least an hour and it will continue to tenderize itself.

    Good luck, and be sure to let us know how it goes!

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    Welcome. You may want to use the search function as there are tons of threads about first brisket cooks. There is a recent one "gonna smoke my first brisket" that should help. Be advised you can't cook brisket by time but by internal temp. Try that search function to get some info and I'm sure others will chime in to offer help. Here's a suggestion in place of that whole brisket...... try a brisket flat (about 6 or 7 pounds), a small boston butt (another 6 or 7), and the ribs that you already have mastered. Just in case the brisket fails. The pork roast is very forgiving and an easier piece to smoke. Brisket, if not done correctly, can be inedible and tough as leather. Best of luck.

    EDIT, since I started typing you've already got great advice from some experienced cooks.
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