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  1. luter

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    This forum is great and I am jst getting ready to try my hand at a 250 gallon trailer mounter rf. I have done some research and I have read something about angle of baffle and height of exhaust and am somewhat confused. Will I need to angle the baffle plate in the smoker or can it be flat in the chamber?

    second question, shouldn't the exhaust be mounted at the same height as the cooking grate?

    I have the trailer cut and together and will be starting pictures this week. I pick up the tank thursday and will get ready to start cutting. Thanks for any info.
  2. matts

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    Mainly the only reason for the plate being angled is for the drippings to run to a drain.  Some guys have installed their plates flat but mount or tilt the whole smoker to achieve this.  

    The exhaust location has been a ongoing discussion for a while.  It is done both ways successfully.  

    Good luck and looking forward to the build pics
  3. bigmatt

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    What about pros/cons of mounting the flue in different locations?  Lets hear some arguments...
  4. fourthwind

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    From what I have heard you want the flu to be all the way at the end to eliminate dead spots in the air flow.  I like Bbally's idea of a collar mounted to the exhaust pipe inside the smoker, so you can change the height inside to suit what you are smoking.  I am in the early planning stages of my trailer mounted RF smoker as well.
  5. duck killer 1

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    i agree, i too like the idea of the adjustable hight. it does need to be all the way at the end tho.

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